Image of my Scriveners book outline.
As California burns, I pause, having finished copying and pasting my blog posts into Scrivener. Next step is to rewrite multiple overview posts about my mental health journey from age eighteen to now. See book outline as my mental health history, chronological posts worth sharing organized by year and month, with appendix of US mental health resources. Will eventually need to ask permission to publish pieces I originally wrote for other websites or publications. I always gave credit where it was due.


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  1. […] So here’s what’s going on. I’ve intended for a few years now to publish a collection of my blog posts as a book. Not able to import my posts into Scrivener, I labored to cut and paste them back in 2014 and later in 2017. […]

  2. Muuaah! Likewise!

  3. Thank you, e! God bless you.

  4. SHERO in every way you are!!!!!!

  5. Thank you, Karen!

  6. The FDA approved a specific gene therapy for a blindness a few days ago. With severe mental illnesses, several DNA markers are known. One marker may be the conductor and several others the orchestra. The technology is really impressive, but better treatment options will not be forthcoming soon..
    Like VANBYTHERIVER comment. Need not worry about the locusts. If the fires have not eradicated them, they will be a delicacy for the sea gulls. Take Care !!!

  7. Karen Brockhage Avatar
    Karen Brockhage

    I love and applaude your persistence and determination to make your journey matter in a way that reaches far beyond yourself.

  8. Yay! Thank you so much!

  9. Definitely Biblical in scope.

  10. Glad that you’re keeping up with the latest research. Hope that some of that research results in new treatment options.

  11. I’m looking forward to your book!

  12. Do your thing, Kitt. Fire, floods, quakes, hurricanes…it’s been quite a year. I’m watching for locusts now.

  13. Good to see you being productive while Ca. is going through a terrible disaster. Imagine you & family have recovered from your GI infection. A whole lot of mind boggling mental health research has popped up recently to keep me busy. Look forward to seeing you publish a book from all your blogs. God Bless + Namaste !!!

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