Crap, the Gondola Stopped

Mammoth Mountain Scenic Gondola
Okay, so it only stopped for a very short while, but it felt like forever. Riding the gondola downhill is definitely scarier than going uphill, especially because I had my son and husband as company on the way up. Solo ride down allows for more fear to creep in, especially when the wind picks up and the gondola car starts to SWAY! Yikes. Wind, calm down, please.

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  1. Made it back and took it again. Yes, it is scary, but the gondola cars were made in Switzerland, so I figured if they can make it up and down the Alps, they can make it up and down an old volcano.

  2. Egads!!

    That right there expresses a fear that my wife and I often express to each other!
    Just thinking about it, I can feel it in the pit of my stomach.
    Glad you made it back to safety

  3. I think it is a common and reasonable fear. I rode up and down today all by myself. Once again, on the way down, the wind picked up and the car stopped and swayed. Scary, but I think (hope!) they know what the are doing. The close the gondola later each afternoon when the thunderstorms come in and the winds speed up.

  4. Very much so. Thank you, Aul.

  5. True, but you can face either way going in either direction.

  6. I think it may regularly stop, but when it stops in the wind and then sways… Perhaps that is why it stopped, to wait for the gust of wind to die down. They close the gondola later on each day as thunderstorms take over the mountain. Yesterday lightning caused several small forest fires that were thankfully put out by the rain. Enjoying the negative ions that the rain brings. We so rarely get rain in Southern California. Actually, the entire state has been parched for some time now (as you well know).

  7. I think it is normal for the gondola to stop. As the day gets later, thunderstorm clouds gather and winds pick up, causing the gondola to sway. Went on it again today, solo both ways. Beautiful views, but the experience of being up so high swaying is indeed a bit freaky.

  8. Wow it must be scary. It is one of my fears to get stuck there.

  9. Sounds like an exciting vacation 🙂

  10. Yikes! On the way down you get that perspective of how far up you are. At least on the way up you can focus on the destination and not look back or down.

  11. Ahhhh! That would have freaked me out to the point where I’d be seriously considering taking the emergency thingamajig (no, it’s not a benzodiazepine but I’ll take the 5th) in my purse to settle down. Sorry the stop occurred when you were solo, but at least it was brief.

  12. OMG my wife would have had a heart attack…come to think of it she would not have made it on there???

  13. Nice views but sweaty palms!

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