Day Tripper

Spoken in 2013

I am a day tripper.
I space out when driving.
Overshoot where I’m going.
All the sudden come out of
my daydream and have no id…
Oh, crap! I missed my turn.
I’ve done it for long distances in the past.
I’m just a little bit of a space cadet, and
you know, apparently
I, like, gesture and
make expressions and
talk to myself
when I’m doing this
I know I’m not
actually talking to someone
But, I look pretty crazy and
I know it’s super annoying for my son
who is 13 (now 15) and easily embarrassed
to have a mom talking to herself
gesturing and making facial expressions
and a conversation which she’s having with herself
when you’re sitting right beside her
in the front seat of the car
Kind of weird. Yep. That’s me. Bye.

Recorded this in 2013 when my son was 13. He’s 15 now. Yes, I was driving at the time, but had both hands on the wheel. No excuse, still distracting no doubt –  not that I wouldn’t be talking to myself aloud anyway – because I do. Just thought I may as well record myself. What the hell.
Experimenting with converting my voice recordings from SoundCloud into YouTube spoken word videos. This is my first attempt (it took me TOO much time to do this, but I wanted text slides).