Even an Electron has Purpose
She closed her eyes. She paused. She took a deep breath, paused, meditated, waited to see where it would take her, where she would go, what she would feel.
She felt a great deep pain, a yearning, a desperate yearning, a deep desperate yearning. Just that afternoon she was thinking, daydreaming, imagining herself pontificating, preaching, orating, explaining that she knew, that she could feel that we are all connected and all a part of something bigger, something so huge, yet so small, that even an electron had purpose.
Now how had she gotten there? She spoke of purpose. Of how each of us no matter how small, even a single electron, has purpose for it is part of the greater whole.
And now she, a part, a supposed part, a supposedly purposeful part of this greater whole, she yearned communion with this other. She felt apart from it. She yearned it.


  1. Those fleeting moments. Hard not to cling and claw at them while they’re leaving.

  2. That’s ginormous. Yes! It doesn’t get better than L’Engle or L.M. Montgomery but that post was more L’Engle-ish. 🙂

  3. Thank you, John.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this. I like how you highlighted wanted to be connected to something “greater” but still appealed to the logic and science oriented portion of my mind. This is something I can appreciate.

  5. Kitt
    i like this very much
    Best Wishes

  6. That is as high a compliment as I can imagine you giving me. Thank you!

  7. The great writer Madeleine L’Engle would LOVE this, Kitt.
    It’s something I could envision her writing, as a matter of fact,
    and you know how much I admire her work…

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