Reducing Stigma in a Strong Investment
Rand Study: Investment in Social Marketing Campaign to Reduce Stigma and Discrimination Associated with Mental Illness Yields Positive Economic Benefits to California


8 responses to “Fighting Stigma Saves Money”

  1. I’m on Each Mind Matters email list.

  2. haroldamaio Avatar

    —Fighting Stigma ???
    I am certain that validating any “stigma” harms. The more voices chorusing it, the more harm.

  3. I usually respect any Rand study. As you know, I grew up with kids whose parents (usually fathers, boo, hiss! Not the stay-at-home 70’s moms) worked there. I don’t recall if those kids were geniusus, but most likely their parents were, indeed, among the sharpest knives in the drawer!
    I’m so pleased to see that Rand did this type of study, which is very meaningful and profound to me. Thanks so much for finding it and sharing it here, my lovely!

  4. You’re very welcome, Kitt 🙂

  5. Without a doubt!

  6. Reblogged this on Just Plain Ol' Vic and commented:
    Interesting graphic that highlights the benefits when we invest in better mental health programs. Perhaps this is something we should be looking at on a national level?

  7. Love this, Kitt! I was looking at mental health websites last night about stigma as a matter of fact! Too funny! I just wrote a post in honor of National Mental Health Awareness Month, next month, and was looking at info regarding stigma. Took the Stigma-Free Pledge as well! Hope you have a nice weekend 🙂

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