Just finished Scrivener tutorial. Considering massaging blog posts into book(s).
October 2015, I last modified the import of my blog into Scrivener thinking I’d massage my writing into a book. The next month, my mother had a stroke. Never got back to the book or to figuring out Scrivener. Just finished the tutorial.
Enrolled in National Association of Memoir Writers‘ online memoir writing course and will be attending the Southern California Writers’ Conference later this month. The conference features memoir writing this year!
My first Scrivener project contains my outdated blog dump. Sometimes I edit old posts and pages, so I need to figure out how to import my current version of this site. Haven’t had luck so far today. I did create a blank new project into which I plan to organize my writing under four categories:

  • Kate — fictionalized autobiography, starting at the beginning…
  • Bipolar — mental health focus
  • Parenting My Son — my son has struggled with migraines since he was two
  • Parents with Dementia — both my parents have dementia and live in memory care

Wish me luck. I may go nowhere with putting together and publishing my writing. I may not. At least I’m writing here. Actually, I’m pretty happy with blog writing.


16 responses to “Finished Scrivener Tutorial!”

  1. Thanks, wacky friend. Miss Lucy is a fabulous canine ghostwriter. If only I could get my dogs to write.

  2. You might want to do what I did: hire Miss Lucy as my canine ghostwriter for “parentage of a New psyche.
    Your wacky friend
    p.s. I’m SUPER-proud of you for writing & for attending the group discussion, not to quotation the NAMW online line!

  3. Very best of luck Kitt!

  4. I wish you the absolute best of luck!

  5. Congratulations on finishing the tutorial! I’m so proud of you for focusing on your writing.

  6. Will do. Nice knowing I have your support. I’ll be a writing warrior.

  7. Thank you, Rebecca. God bless you!

  8. Will do. Now that I’ve finished the tutorial, time to start the NAMW course.

  9. That’s awesome, Kitt! And if you do write a book, I’ll be the first in line to buy a copy…autographed, of course. ?

  10. You go, girl! Go out and write and kick some ass ?

  11. You just keep on going! You are unstopable!

  12. You might want to do what I did: hire Miss Lucy as my canine ghostwriter for “Birth of a New Brain.” She wanted to re-name it “Birth of a New Scottish Collie” but I said absolutely not.
    The energetic hound did a fairly good job of completing the book considering she had never written anything before. At least her fee was low—I only had to feed her premium organic dog food— but her editing wasn’t too hot, so I was forced to hire a cat. “Pizza” the Calico surpassed my expectations – who knew cats could be such keen editors?
    Your silly friend
    p.s. I’m SUPER-proud of you for writing & for attending the conference, not to mention the NAMW online course! Please keep us posted!

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