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Kitt O’Malley Blogging for Bipolar Mental Health Book Cover

Been busy formatting my first book for publication. Problem is that while formatting it for Kindle ebook publication, I made changes. I can’t resist editing…
So, my Scrivener project is different than my Word manuscript which is now different than what I formatted using Kindle Create.
Oh, well. Guess that’s why each published version gets it’s own ISBN (actually, Kindle ebook doesn’t require ISBN, but I did buy a bunch of ISBNs).
The versions will be different in small ways. Or, not so small. We’ll see if or when I get around to formatting the Amazon print version, and later the IngramSpark ebook and print versions for distribution to sellers other than Amazon.
Just realized my title changed since I filed my copyright. Oops! Turns out that using a URL in a book title is a no-no. The book cover looks pretty familiar to those who know my brand.
I’ll let you know when the ebook is live.

This Thursday and Friday I’m participating in NAMI Provider Education in preparation for the historic opening of Children’s Hospital of Orange County‘s (CHOC) pediatric psychiatric unit — the first inpatient psychiatric unit for children under age twelve in Orange County. The entire staff will attend the inservice, which is incredible. We expect sixty-three attendees. I’ll be serving on NAMI’s panel as the mental health provider with lived experience.
In the past, parents had to take their kids up to UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Unit. At CHOC, parents can visit their kids in crisis 24/7. One parent can sleep in the room with their child, which is important for young children.
When our son was hospitalized for dehydration at CHOC in Mission Viejo, we took turns spending the night. CHOC treats kids and their families wonderfully.


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  1. As I had originally written the pieces that make up this book, my challenge was in learning the craft of book writing, formatting, and publishing. That took a steep learning curve to accomplish. Vain? Perhaps. But, I’m humbled in learning new skills. I now understand how much work is involved.

  2. Its not the pages that matter so much. Its the learning and struggling growth that will occur in the writer throughout the campaign making her/him a more valid and fruitful witness to the beauties of compassionate help and counsel. Our little booklets often become vain things.

  3. Next week, final tweaks & formatting.

  4. Not easy. Your wife is a generous and loving daughter.

  5. I’m honored!!!!!! can’t wait to get my paws on it & promote away! Xo

  6. Yes, we had a good Easter meal. My mother-in-law is blessed for my wife is outstanding taking care of a 90+ year old toddler the last five years.

  7. Thanks! Just got your card at my new business address. Hope you, your wife, and mother-in-law had a wonderful Easter.

  8. Look forward to your first book becoming a best seller, Kitt.

  9. Agree with you 100%

  10. Think you are doing well trying to publish your book, Kitt. Cannot think of a better qualified person to inaugurate the opening of your CHOC the next two days. In the late 1980’s E. Fuller Torrey published a book titled “Nowhere To Go”. In short, it details the systemic error of deinstitutionalization creating homelessness. This was/is just the tip of the iceberg.
    Ventura county closed the Camarillo State Hospital (CSH) in the late 1990’s with 800 beds and this place is now is now a college campus, CSUCI. The Thomas Fire ecological disaster burned down the youth inpatient psychiatric unit (IPU) in December. An Innovation Plan was posted at the end of February by Behavioral Health covering the golden circle (why, how, what) questions to compensate for the lost of beds created by this disaster. Needless to say, Emergency Rooms (ER) are not staffed and equipped to handle psychiatric disorders. Good luck with your presentation.
    God Bless + Take Care !!!

  11. Thanks! Feels good, but is exhausting, too. Taking a break before I crash. Tomorrow have to prep for NAMI Provider Training. Haven’t done it for awhile.

  12. Luckily, I hadn’t yet completed publishing it on Amazon. Uploaded the ebook and cover, received Amazon KDP’s list of potential spelling errors (no, Amazon, egodystonic is a word), and hadn’t yet set a price. So, now I’m reformatting the manuscript again in Word using the beta Kindle Create
    Add-in, then publishing it to Amazon.

  13. Thank you so much!

  14. Congrats, Kitt! You’ve been working hard!

  15. Wow Kitt sounds like you’re kicking butt and taking names!!!

  16. I did the same thing. Unfortunately, I raced through the process and am bothering amazon to take it down..I’ve gotten no response

  17. Kitt, you are amazing! Your life is really coming together in wonderful ways and I wish you all the best in your new adventures. You are truly a success story.

  18. Thank you so much for your unflagging ongoing support! Thanked you in the preface.

  19. My lovely friend, I’m SUPER-impressed with your productivity! This is so exciting and it’s a major accomplishment; give yourself lots of credit! After you do that, give yourself even more credit, LOL!
    I’m curious about the new title; I’d never guess one can’t use a URL in a book title, but there are always “surprises” like that in the publication process.
    Yes, yes, yes….please let us know when the e-book is live.
    I love the cover! That’s the same picture of you I used in my Intl Bipolar Foundation Psych Byte postpartum bipolar webinar & naturally it’s in my book – you light up page 245! 😉
    That’s also great you’re going to participate on the NAMI panel in connection with the Children’s Hospital of Orange County‘s (CHOC) pediatric psychiatric unit’s opening. Words can’t fully express how proud I am of you.

  20. Good luck, Kitt!

  21. Love this!! I decided today to start my first book. This was the perfect thing to read tonight 🙂 good luck!

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