Mammoth Mountain

Tonight I am grateful for my son whom I love dearly. To celebrate his fourteenth birthday tomorrow, we are mountain biking on ruggedly beautiful Mammoth Mountain an ancient volcano lying beside the granite Eastern Sierras of California. The Sierra Nevada mountain range Ansel Adams photographed and John Muir wrote of and advocated to preserve. As I write, I sit beside my husband for whom I am very much thankful. I’d find it far more difficult to navigate life without him. Plus, he fathered our son.

Mammoth Mountain

Now that I’m blogging, I’ve befriended many mental health advocates who offer each other and me support. For that support and community, I am grateful. Many of the bloggers I’ve met online, both with and without mental health causes, are incredibly talented writers.

Sun setting over trees

Tonight I focus on two particularly talented writer(s). They are:


Finally, like my beloved son, husband and Lizzi, I love math(s). Lizzi is a Brit, thus the “s: for mathematics.