Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day with Rose in Background


17 responses to “Happy Mother's Day!”

  1. Thank you. I am blessed indeed. 🙂

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  3. You are NOT being selfish, Kitt. You are a wonderful daughter and mother….don’t ever doubt or forget that. I hope your day is glorious. Hugs.

  4. Yes it has been for her.

  5. Facebook is a great place to keep connected and get support.

  6. Nope, just Facebook.

  7. Happy Mother’s Day to one of my favorite fellow bipolar moms. Hope that you have a wonderful day with your loving radiant gorgeous daughters and Lucy (of course she counts too).

  8. You are so blessed to have a son and son-in-law who have taken you into their home, and include you in their plans to move to warmer climes (which I hope would be a good thing for everyone involved). Happy Mother’s Day to a wonderful mother.

  9. Thank you, Vic. Wish your wife a Happy Mother’s Day from me. Does she read any blogs?

  10. I spent time with her Friday when they had a Mother’s Day lunch at their memory care community. Today is my day, to enjoy at home with my husband and son. I must take care of myself, too, and at times be selfish. Today is one of those days.

  11. Thank you! Bless you.

  12. Thank you Kitt. And the same to you!

  13. Happy Mother’s Day to you Kitt!

  14. I hope you’re going to be able to spend time with your mama. I hope it’s a good day. Hugs.

  15. thanks my friend, same to you! ???❤️???✌??

  16. it wouldn’t be a bona fide holiday w/o a blog from Kitt O’Malley.

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