I've Been Really Busy

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I haven’t been blogging as much recently because I’ve simply been too busy to do so. Moved my parents into Silverado Memory Care Community in San Juan Capistrano Wednesday. My parents are getting excellent care at Silverado. Already they have participated in the social hour and taken a Zumba exercise class. The caregivers are attentive. They have 24-hour nursing staff, and a medical director. Their specialty is working with people with dementia, especially those kicked out of other facilities. They know how to engage their clients positively. They have dogs, cats, birds, and guinea pigs. Two golden retrievers met my parents when we first went in the door. Perfect. My mom sat and pet the guinea pigs, which is very helpful for calming anxiety. I’m hopeful.
Right now I’m in their house in Hermosa Beach taking care of business. Many decisions. Much work. Very busy. Working with my sister to make decisions about their home and their belongings with love and discernment. Paying their bills. Doing their income taxes. Managing their finances. I’ve interviewed real estate agents and brokers, am getting construction bids on deferred maintenance, and finding out what it will take to get the house ready to rent. Yes, I’m super busy. I’ve earned myself a drink (maybe a beer or hard cider) and a luscious dessert.


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  2. I’d say you deserve a drink! It’s a huge responsibility to care for parents. Decisions can be difficult, but sounds like you are doing very well at it. They are lucky to have a caring daughter. Take a long soak in the tub, essential oils (lavender), a lovely drink, soft music…relax. 🙂

  3. Not sure you need it. You seem to write freely to me.

  4. I had to laugh as I was writing the comment on your blog. I thought, “Oh, here I go again….I always seem to go off when I comment @ Kitt’s blog, but I start with writing how short the comment will be!!!” Words don’t always flow from me; how I wish they did. Honestly, it’s the magic of YOU that makes me want to write more, not less. I’m serious! Recently I download a “Dictation” function on my laptop, which is very cool, but I’ve only used it once. Am I tired today. Maybe I’ll open that text talky dictation thing and use it after all… 😉

  5. Jerry Weaver Avatar
    Jerry Weaver

    Exceptional++!!! One word is the apex of geeky laconic phrases

  6. Love you, too, Dy! I’d hardly call that a brief comment. Your comments are longer than many of my posts. Words flow from you. From me, they… Not sure what metaphor or verb to use… Well, fewer words come out than there are flying through my mind. Somehow I manage to edit my thought process as I write. Guess that’s a good thing. Maybe it’s simply because I can’t type or talk that fast.

  7. Thank you, Merrie!

  8. I’m coming down with Avonlea’s vicious cold/cough as I write this, dear Kitt, so forgive this comment’s brevity, but I must write that I continue to marvel at your adept juggling of so many big and little tasks. You inspire me. When the shit hits the fan with my elderly mom (who sailed through gallbladder removal last Monday, thank God) I’m going to remember all these things you’ve been handling with such strength and clearheaded thinking.
    I’m thrilled you found such an awesome-sounding place for your parents. The image of your Mom petting the guinea pig moved me a great deal….a friend of ours has one (“Piggy”) and they are truly sweet creatures that are far more intelligent than most people think.
    I’m super-impressed that Silverado Memory Care has animal therapy and that they accept patients who are “difficult”…you’ve done a marvelous job at finding an ideal place, and with handling all your parents’ financial matters, etc. etc.
    You CERTAINLY deserve sushi, a luscious dessert or three, some fine beverages, cuddling with your sweetheart and as much down time as possible.
    I love your blog posts but I TOTALLY expect you to take a break during times like this. There has been momentous stress and change going on around you, and it requires a blogging break — and it’s healthy you’ve been doing just that!
    Much love to you, my friend.

  9. You are managing some of the hardest issues we are ever called to face, and you’re doing it with care, deliberation and love. Kudos to you, Kitt. Please take good care of YOU as you take care of family obligations. Cheers!

  10. Time for that, for sure. Will head back home soon where I can let my husband dote on me.

  11. Thank you! You have an impressive resume as a librarian!

  12. Oh I forgot, the facility sounds absolutely wonderful, with all the lovely animals and all!

  13. Great job Kitt! And yes, absolutely, you deserve a drink! Xxxooo

  14. Remember, you need love and care, too. Take time to breathe.

  15. Happy you got a chance to take care of your parents

  16. Thank you. Definitely need rest. Had a good night’s sleep, which helps.

  17. Thank you so much. Appreciate the prayers!

  18. This Mom says you two are great daughters. Enjoy a drink or two 😉 I’ll raise a glass to you and yours as soon as the cocktail hour arrives. Look forward to your return to more frequent posting. My best to Mom and Dad.

  19. Busy indeed! Focus on what is important and take care!

  20. Nice to see you here, Kitt. But be sure to give yourself a break, and a few more drinks. You are processing a lot right now. I understand just a small bit of what you’re going through, and it’s a very emotional time. Glad your folks are set up in a good environment…the animals…such a perfect addition.
    Be well. ?

  21. I’m so glad you were finally able to move your parents to their new home and that it’s been such a positive experience for them. I’m thrilled to hear that they have pets there…what a wonderful anxiety reducing activity (it’s also great if you’re not in charge of poo pickup and cage cleaning!)
    I don’t envy the position you and your sister now find yourselves in. So much work. But, I’m glad that you have help.
    It’s nice to see you Kitt. Sending prayers (or thoughts if you prefer) for strength and peace.

  22. So glad you’ve found a place that’s so good for your parents. You’ve got a lot of work to get thru. Nice to hear you’re sister is helping and you don’t have to shoulder the burden all by yourself.

  23. Thank you, Bradley. I haven’t had the time to keep up my reading.

  24. Gluten free chocolate chip cookies. They’re yummy.

  25. I came back and you weren’t around. I was wondering what was going on. Happy to hear you found such a nice place for your parents. I can only imagine the work ahead of you getting things in order. Make sure Kitt is also taking care of Kitt, and I look forward to your return,

  26. Hey, I was thinking about you. All that hard work – sit back, kick up your feet and enjoy that cider! What’s for dessert?

  27. Enjoying a hard cider. Tastes good. Hope all is well with you and your foundation.

  28. Enjoying a hard cider. I have a sweet tooth. Hard cider tastes like fruit juice with a kick. Just the way I like it.

  29. Dead Kitt, it’s truly been a while. Yes you really have earned yourself a stout or ale. And all that you are doing is in addition to taking care of your family and above all yourself. Go ahead and drink for a break

  30. So glad to hear that you found a place that your parents may be comfortable in. Sounds like a good match. Real homey too. (Tempted to book in myself! :p ) Have a beer for us 😀 xx

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