Red Rose

Okay, so I’ve not exactly kept to my commitment to get outside and play, nor have I gotten any interior painting done. My son has played video games since he got out of school for the summer last Wednesday — his last summer before high school!

I’ve taken advantage of his laziness and have fallen in step, or rather maintained my own lazy lifestyle at my computer as he is at his. We are pathetic! At first he played his computer games in the family room. Now he has moved his base of operations back into his room. He goes through phases. Wonder when or if I’ll see him again this summer. Just joking.

Our huge accomplishment yesterday was readying the gas barbecue for my husband. We tag teamed it. Much of the interior elements had simply disintegrated, so I removed the dregs and we replaced them with lava rock from our landscaping. My son selected, cleaned, and artfully arranged the lava rock in the barbecue. The resulting evenly distributed heat made for delicious steaks grilled by my husband.

Okay, my son just came down for a visit, turns out he is researching for our mountain biking trip this summer. He loves studying videos of other bikers, and of the trails he plans on riding. Actually, he’s also been researching all sorts of interesting scientific facts which he rattles off: “Did you know…?” No, I did not know… Fact of the day is…

Son: “Guess what the most surprising dominant gene is?”

Me: “I don’t know.”

Son: “Guess.”

Me: “Blue eyes, brown eyes, height…”

Son: “Six fingers. The dominant gene is for six fingers, not five. But nearly no one has the dominant gene in their gene pool.”

So far today I have learned nifty new scientific facts, watched a re-enactment of Star Wars IV using only text characters thanks to my son’s prodding, sat at my computer reading and writing, ran errands, went to a couple of doctors’ appointments, and dead-headed my roses. Figured the least I could do was share a picture of one of my roses. Enjoy!


  1. Thank you. I feel as if you’ve given me absolution.

    I do always think I should be doing more. Cleaning my house. Gardening. Painting the walls. So many, many things to do. I’m easily overwhelmed, and honestly the projects we have underway could and probably would overwhelm even those without any diagnosable mental illness.

  2. I’m glad you found time for the roses but sometimes our guilty pleasures , like the computer, which is the avenue for so many different things, doesn’t need to elicit as much guilt as we sometimes let it.

  3. Well, I was assuming that you are taller and more intimidating than Miss Lucy. A cougar would go for a puppy over a tastefully togged and made up mom. But around here mountain lions do eat well-toned adults on mountain bikes, or at least one did.

  4. Hey, what am I Mrs. Kitt O’Malley? Chopped liver? I was wearing my nice workout togs and some tasteful, light makeup! ;))))

  5. Without a doubt!

  6. Yikes! Lucy would be a tempting snack for a mountain lion.

  7. Nothing better than an enquiring mind!

  8. I just took Miss Lucy on a trail by our home, and met a neighbor who told me there had been a mountain lion sighting recently on that very trail!

  9. Thank you, Dyane! I realized as I wrote that today has been fairly productive. Enjoy the puppy and your girls. My dogs greatly appreciate your recommendation. Let’s see if I actually do it. They are much easier to walk one at a time.

  10. Thank you, Tony. Yes, I am. We are.

  11. First off, I LOVE that photo of the glorious rose! Second, neither you nor your inquisitive son are pathetic! You are both barbecue miracle workers!

    There is still plenty of summer left for the interior painting project, and I guarantee you’ll enjoy heaps of outdoor play time during the mountain biking trip! In the meantime you can get outside to walk the hounds. And I am not saying one peep about using the computer because people who live in glass houses….

    p.s. thank you for your insightful comment on my “anger” post – I haven’t been online as much as usual, I swear on a stack of chocolate bars! I plan on responding to it post-Lucy pup walk! 🙂

  12. Sounds like you are making progress, perhaps in spite of yourself.

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