Mental Health Warrior: Kitt O’Malley

Nicole Lyons of The Lithium Chronicles featured me today on her blog. This May, for Mental Health Awareness Month, she is featuring Mental Health Warriors on her site. Thank you, Nicole, for including me as a Mental Health Warrior. I’m honored.


6 responses to “Mental Health Warrior: Kitt O’Malley”

  1. Thank you! Quite an impressive Pinterest following. How did you develop such a large following?

  2. By mistake I posted this from a different blog I run. This is the correct one.

  3. I came across your blog via Gertie’s Journey. I just wanted you to know that I added your page to my Pinterest boards. I have over 30,000 followers so hopefully it will give your blog some good exposure.

  4. Yay, Kitt! So proud of you…I commented over @ The Lithium Chronicles (of course it’s more glowing praise about you & Nicole) Off to work! XoXo

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