Organizing My Thought Process

Tuesday in group therapy, my psychiatrist Alex Michelson (yes, he’s good, excellent actually, and practices in Mission Viejo, CA) pointed out that when sharing in group therapy I talked around my point until I finally getting to it. Unlike my writing which is usually terse and to the point, my speech (at least in therapy where I allow myself freer rein than in my daily life where I mostly listen to, or feign interest in, my husband and son and keep my own rambling and often narcissistic thoughts to myself in the form of ongoing oratorical daydreams) — now back to the thought thread — … my speech reflects my thought process. He recommended that I start to organize my speaking and thereby my thought process. Interesting observation. Perhaps participating in Toastmasters, which has been on my To Do list for years and is even scheduled weekly in my calendar, will help me do just that, organize my thought process, pare it down, slow it down. Unlike much of my blog posts, here I somewhat purposefully wrote in a more disorganized fashion with parentheses and such. Convoluted and all over the place, like my thought process.


  1. […] I had to do – files in the wrong folder. Got to keep my data organized if not my home or my mind. At least this is something I can control or that I want to exert some control […]

  2. Interesting. But writing affords us greater control of our output. And we can always edit in the packaging and presentation. Speech is more in the moment. Listeners can wait so long. =)

  3. I am actually very, very selective as to who I follow. You are part of a favored few! I usually read blogs on my Kindle while I work out on my elliptical, so I do multitask. But of course I prefer reading at my desk or before sleep. I honestly need to get my derriere in gear and shorten my posts because I know it would be better for several significant reasons, but for one thing it would make for easier reading for everyone else.

    You inspire me because your posts are concise yet they pack a punch & always contain helpful information and interesting insights.

    Anyway, it’s a pleasure to be supportive to you! I have big chunks of free time now as the girls are in school between 8:20 and 2:15, (unless they are sick, right? Shudder to think!) although that’s about to change come summer. We’ll see how much writing I get done then! 😉 p.s. thank you for the compliments. I eat them up!

  4. Dyane, thank you so very much for being supportive. I have no idea how you have the time to read and respond to posts (I know I’m not the only blogger you follow closely), write, and mother two no doubt wonderful daughters all while battling bipolar disorder. You have my respect. I am in awe.

  5. Kitt, I’m chuckling as I write this because this subject matter hits close to home for yours truly! You already know I ramble ’til the cows come home as far as writing is concerned, and I’m all over the map.

    In person, I don’t usually say a whole lot!!! Really.

    Anyway, I think it’s wonderful that you are going to attend Toastmasters – that is also something I’ve wanted to do in the past. I look forward to reading about your experience with it.

    I really like what you psychiatrist said, by the way: “Our speech pattern reflects our thought process.” That quote resonates with me. You are fortunate to be able to participate in group therapy with someone you consider to be an excellent leader, and you are brave to do that as well.

  6. My psychiatrist said that our speech pattern more closely reflects our thought process.

  7. I am exactly the same way! I can write things down so much more concise than I can speak them. My boyfriend often tells me I’m hard to follow because I start talking mid thought and assume people are in my head and can understand my train of thought. Good luck getting your speaking on track! I’m sure you can do it. 🙂

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