Tuesday in group therapy, my psychiatrist Alex Michelson (yes, he’s good, excellent actually, and practices in Mission Viejo, CA) pointed out that when sharing in group therapy I talked around my point until I finally getting to it. Unlike my writing which is usually terse and to the point, my speech (at least in therapy where I allow myself freer rein than in my daily life where I mostly listen to, or feign interest in, my husband and son and keep my own rambling and often narcissistic thoughts to myself in the form of ongoing oratorical daydreams) — now back to the thought thread — … my speech reflects my thought process. He recommended that I start to organize my speaking and thereby my thought process. Interesting observation. Perhaps participating in Toastmasters, which has been on my To Do list for years and is even scheduled weekly in my calendar, will help me do just that, organize my thought process, pare it down, slow it down. Unlike much of my blog posts, here I somewhat purposefully wrote in a more disorganized fashion with parentheses and such. Convoluted and all over the place, like my thought process.