Broken Light Collective published my Rose Series! I am truly honored.

Broken Light is “the online photography gallery for people affected by mental illness. Broken Light’s main goal is to create a safe and accepting environment where photographers of all levels who are affected by mental health issues can display their work, as well as inspire one another to keep going and keep creating, despite the dark or scary places in which they may find themselves.”

Please visit Broken Light Collective and support their work with your tax-deductible donation.


6 responses to “Rose Series”

  1. Lovely. Glad to remind you that summer will return. Apparently looking at images of nature can have a similar positive effect on our mood. Interesting, isn’t it? We are reminded of natural beauty, brought back there in our memory or in our imagination. Thank you. Gracias.

  2. Ahhh, I felt the warmth of summer. Made me smile. Thank you. Felicidades!

  3. Congratulations! Love the detail of the roses

  4. Beautiful pictures! Saturated in color, mysteriously swirling into themselves!

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