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  • Grieving, Not Writing

    Grieving, Not Writing

    My mother died last month. My sister hosted a lovely family memorial for her this past weekend. I put together a slideshow, for which my uncle, my mother’s brother, related stories of their childhood. Now, my mind is mush. Grief mind. I do easy crosswords. My mother was an excellent crossword puzzler, unlike me, she…

  • My Eulogy to Grandma

    My Eulogy to Grandma

    This afternoon I came across the memorial announcement for my grandmother’s death (which brought tears to my eyes) and the eulogy I wrote for her memorial (which I share with you, for I still believe that God calls us to carry on). My Eulogy to Grandma February 1993 I brought this quilt here today because,…

  • Jazz and Grief

    Listening to jazz as I grieve my father’s death.