Thank you, clinical psychologist and mental health advocate David Susman PhD, for steadfastly supporting fellow mental health advocates and sharing science-based information and resources at DavidSusman.com. Congratulations on three years as a mental health blogger.
Dr. Susman recently shared how I found purpose living with bipolar disorder, Your Life Has Purpose, in his Stories of Hope, a series of interviews with people living with mental health challenges, highlighting what they’ve learned.
You can find Dr. Susman on Facebook at DavidSusmanPhD and Twitter at @DavidSusman.


6 responses to “Thank you, David Susman PhD”

  1. Kitt, thank you so much for your very kind remarks. It was my privilege to be able to share your inspiring story!

  2. Thank you for sharing your story. It is inspiring and brings hope to those going through similar challenges.

  3. David does great work and is wonderfully supportive of us mental health advocates.

  4. It’s a great interview and, as always, I was supremely proud of you when I read it! I like Dr. Susman’s philosophy. He has a huge following & quite an impressive reach in the mental health field—congratulations!

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