Thanks, but no thanks. This is an Award-free blog.

Yesterday I received two awards which I am not accepting. Thank you Kate of and Tempest Rose of for nominating me. I really do appreciate their support, both in nominating me and in being a part of the mutually supportive mental health blogosphere. Together we help each other, together we educate others, and together we fight stigma. Go check them out, you will not regret it.

Kate of FlippyZipFlop awarded me the Liebster Award, “Because she’s [me!] ALWAYS got something sweet to say.” Thank you, Kate! I love the beginning of Kate’s blog tag line: “I tried being normal and didn’t like it one bit.” Her banner graphic is four hearts with the words: love, peace, hope, dream. Enough said, really, but I’ll say more. She is the single mother of an 11-year-old boy whom she adores. She loves to write, practices Buddhism daily, and loves a very private man (as do I, but it’s a secret).

Kate of FlippyZipFlop then went and nominated Tempest Rose of Nonsense & Shenanigans for the Angel Award for inspiring us 1 blog at a time. Tempest turned around and nominated me for the Angel Award knowing full well that I no longer accept awards. Yesterday was a busy day for Tempest. I lost count of how many awards she accepted and paid forward. It made me dizzy. Tempest keeps me engaged. She is highly intelligent and absolutely hilarious. She doesn’t hold back, and I love her for it.

I am no longer accepting awards, as I’ve decided my time is better spent writing, reading, commenting on posts, and tweeting other people’s content that is worth sharing. Tweeting links to excellent content works well for me for now. Please check out my tweets at (@KittOMalley) to find links to other worthwhile content.