Mom and Dad Together AgainFinally, my parents are back together again since my mother had an acute front left lobe stroke in mid-November. We’ve taken my father to visit my mother in stroke rehab, but tonight they sleep together.  No longer is my father in memory care in one facility and my mother in stroke rehab in another.


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  1. Yes. Sometimes, we must simply let go and not resuscitate when someone is aging. Death is beautiful, too. It is a part of the life cycle.

  2. Sorry to hear that. My grandmother had a series of mini strokes and ended up in a nursing home. She’d had open heart surgery and would’ve been better not to have had the op because then her heart wasn’t letting her go. I really felt we had interfered with what was meant to be.

  3. Maybe…the staff at their board and care are caregivers, not nurses or therapists.

  4. stuckinscared Avatar

    You have an awful lot to contend with, Kitt. It must be incredibly challenging managing your all (and my goodness what an all!) as well as your own health issues. I’m glad you have a supportive husband. I hope things ease off a little for you soon. Is your Mothers therapist aware of other challenges you have to deal with while caring for your parents? Perhaps if she/he were aware then perhaps they could find assistance to help you with your Mum’s therapy?

  5. I cheated with the painting. It’s a manipulated photo. My mother’s stroke is what changed everything.

  6. Yep. Photo that I manipulated using AutoPainter HD iPad app. Still stressed out b/c speech therapist told me to work with my mother daily. My parents are challenging, and I have a son who gets sick a lot. Been leaning on my husband for support.

  7. Well done for fighting for your Mum and Dad to be together. I agree with others how unnatural it is for elderly couples to be separated. I’ll have to keep an eye on that with my own parents. They are 70 but these issues creep up and all it takes is a stroke or heart attack for it all to change.
    Your painting is beautiful,
    xx Rowena

  8. I’m so happy for you 🙂

  9. stuckinscared Avatar

    What a beautiful, heartwarming post, Kitt. The picture is lovely. I wondered if it was actually your parents in the pic… I see (by the comments) that it is. Just lovely, Kitt. Made my day. x

  10. You too, Kitt! Looking forward to following your blog! So happy for you and your parents 🙂

  11. Thank you. Nice to meet you, Kelly.

  12. I thank you, Kitt! Much strength and love to you ?

  13. Thank you so much.

  14. What a relief to have them together – job well done, Kitt. Sometimes I think the medical machinery forgets that they are dealing with whole lives and not just bodies.

  15. Hi Kitt! I’m glad I found your blog through Van! This is so heartwarming to know! 🙂

  16. Just beautiful. Well done!

  17. It takes a lot to step aside and only let love speak…. you are an amazing woman!

  18. A lot said in brief. Blessings to your family.

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    To honor a lifelong devotion that is real, and with so much respect for the daughter who fought to keep them together.

  20. Yes! Lifelong love is possible.

  21. Now…take a deep breath and tell yourself, “I did a good job!” Woof!

  22. Even better knowing that. Wonderful !! ?

  23. You’re welcome Kitt!

  24. That’s so wonderful. It’s beautiful to see people who have been together for so long and are still so in love with one another.

  25. FYI, it is a manipulated photo of them in their new shared bed holding hands.

  26. Without a doubt. They are truly in love.

  27. Yay! Love the dance of joy.

  28. Without a doubt. Our healthcare system does not acknowledge the need of seniors to be together when they receive hospital crisis, rehab, memory care, assisted living, or end of life hospice care. Very confusing and painful to be separated from one’s life partner.

  29. Yes, it is! Thanks so much.

  30. Thank you, Vincent!

  31. Thank you so much for your support and prayers. Now my son is sick. Time to take care of both myself and my son. He tends to fall ill this time of year.

  32. bravo kitt…. love the picture too

  33. So happy to hear this, Kitt, and the picture you chose is beautiful !

  34. So wonderful. I always hear that so much of medicine is attitude. If that is truly the case than your parents just got a big boost. It saddens me to hear of elderly people needing to be separated because of differing medical needs. I’m so glad that they are together.
    Also, I know that this relieves you of a HUGE burden running back and forth between facilities. I’m very happy for you as well. It has to warm your heart to see them together again.

  35. Aaaawwwww!!!! That is SO awesome! I’m so happy, I do the dance of joy <3

  36. So sad when they separate aged couples. There needs to be legislation to stop this.

  37. That’s so great

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    What a blessing!!

  39. Tender, touching and beautiful.
    i hope, Kitt, you are staying strong.
    Big Hugs

  40. I am glad for you AND your parents that they can be together again. I cannot even imagine how hard this has been for you and them. You have been and continue to be strong for them. But now be strong for you. Be kind for you. And allow yourself to rest with thankfulness and gladness in your heart. Whisper a prayer of thanks to God and rest well tonight! If there is anything in particular you would like for me to pray, let me know. Love & blessings.

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