Saturday my niece, Teresa Nichols, interviewed me about my online vision. She has an MBA and her own Cincinnatti based marketing business.
Sorry to my deaf and hard of hearing readers. I tried editing the automatic closed captioning, but found it overwhelming. The interview is over an hour long. As a writer, I found myself editing what we actually said, and decided to leave it alone.


6 responses to “Video Conference”

  1. Think this was good therapy for you and your niece, Kitt. There were various emotions with your responses, but I did not detect any meltdowns.
    Think you did well with your boundaries, integrity, and composure. Overall, this may help you achieve your goals associated with writng your book.
    God Bless + Take Care !!!

  2. Thanks, Mark. It was fun.

  3. I got distracted a couple of times because of phone calls but I heard most of it. It was a good thing to open and express so much of your life, that is a healing within itself. Well done 😀

  4. Thank you, Mark. We spoke over an hour recorded, and then kept on talking for another hour. I’d be surprised if people watch the whole video.

  5. Big chat, and a most enlightening one Kitt. You are a very multi skilled lady 😀
    Thank you for sharing <3

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