Wayfayers Chapel – Emanuel Swedenborg

Wayfarers Chapel by John Bordon

Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772):

  • viewed God as infinitely loving and at the very center of our being,
  • viewed human life as a continuous re-birthing as we participate in our own creation,
  • viewed the Bible as a story of inner-life stages as we learn and grow,
  • and had conviction that life continues following the transition we call death to eternity of growing fulfillment.

He said; “All religion relates to life, and the life of religion is to do good”
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8 responses to “Wayfayers Chapel – Emanuel Swedenborg”

  1. Yes and no. Some churches and priests are open-minded. Not that I currently attend a church. I love the architecture of Wayfayers Chapel and the theology of Swedenborg. I do not ascribe to any one belief system.

  2. Yes, I agree the beauty only adds to the serenity.

  3. God does not live in any building. Chapel, church, synagogue, mosque or temple. Can buildings be peaceful places? Sure, yet the best building, is in our heart. God lives in our hearts. Contemplation of that love brings peace and contentment. Bibles and other written records are written by people, not God. They can be moral blueprints or not. They create duality and discontent. As the priests love to emphasize how only they can interpret them. Only the love in our hearts, can endure.

  4. Have you ever been to the Wayfarers Chapel? It’s stunning.

  5. I know. How cool, right?

  6. What an absolutely stunning chapel!
    Swedenborg was certainly ahead of his time; I agree with all his tenets.

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