Who’s More Glamorous?

In her post How fucking old am I? Jenny Lawson aka The Bloggess asks, “Was it just my school where the senior portraits always looked like inexpensive glamour shots?”

Who’s more glamorous in their senior high school graduation photo, Jenny Lawson The Bloggess or me? Judge for yourself.

Jenny Lawson The Bloggess with Big Texas Hair, Bare Shoulders and Fur Stole vs Kitt O'Malley with Long Slightly Wavy Hair and Red Crushed Velvet Stole

Texas vs. Manhattan Beach, California. Fur stole? Nope. We wore crushed velvet. Big hair? Nope. I probably didn’t even blow mine dry. Why? It dried on its own. When I wore it long, it did take hours to dry, especially since it’s foggy at the beach. Still, it does eventually dry. Plus, unlike Jenny, I’m pretty sure I’m wearing my bra under the crushed velvet stole.


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  1. Not to mention the outrageous cost of the pictures you want to burn later. lol

  2. I’ll likely never see them again… the area is full of tourists?

    I like that word, slink. It could be in reference to the Bloggess? As in “slinky photo”? Slink, slunk, slank. Yup I like the word! It’s very slinky. Cheers Jamie. It all depends on the “doing”.

  3. No need to slink off. I have no idea whether she was developing yet, but some girls do enter puberty early. I found several interesting sites about child sexual development. From the Sexuality Resource Center for Parents: Sexual Development from 0–18 Years Old

  4. I guess it’s fine if you have something to “train”? As for the straps? I’m claiming to be; not a prude. Yet why does a young girl still playing with dolls have to wear such things? It’s beyond me? When you’re a woman, wear what you like …

    So, I’ll slink off to wherever dinosaurs go? Cheers Jamie.

  5. LOL – the sex filter. What’s with the over the shoulder shots? The boys didn’t take off their clothes. They just wore ties and jackets.

  6. The Bloggess posted her photo as a joke. She’s a wonderfully down to earth woman. Check out her blog and her book. I was laughing out loud when I read her book.

  7. Sexualized toys and clothing for girls is really bad for their emotional and intellectual development. It teaches them that girls and women are sexual objects. As for the bra straps showing when you wear a tank top, I know it’s tacky, but it’s hard to find a good bra, no less a racer back one. I’m okay with girls wearing training bras.

  8. Yes, big permed hair was big in the early 80’s. ’81 probably preceded the look.

  9. This is hilarious, really. I’m a few years older than you kids. No fur stoles, but we did do over the shoulder shots with the fuzzy filter (what we called the sex filter).

  10. You have that fresh faced natural loveliness going on there. Other one looks like someone from Dallas (TV not city, idk what the city girls look like).

  11. Okay! now here’s an aside. Standing in a huge Wal-Mart the other day waiting to check-out. (I mean really Wallies, just three cashiers?) So, while I’m waiting. The seven or eight-year old, with Mom. Is admiring the new doll she will get. At the same time, dressed a bit like so many other young ladies. She has on a tank top that shows off her bra? Or whatever the article of clothing really was? I mean she is far too young for even what is laughingly called, “a training bra”. Like the puppies need house breaking? Yet another example of a mother that’s having her daughter grow up so fast. Playing with dolls and dressed like a … well, Lolita? The sexualization of kids … it’s out there. There was a time, and fairly recently, displaying underwear so crassly was considered vulgar. Yet now we’re encouraging kids to do so? … Internally I just shook my head and waited for the line to move a little.

    Gravity? You can’t beat gravity. Gravity is a particle. It is attracted to large objects. The bigger the object the more gravity particles …. tongue firmly fixed in-cheek, winking. Ah well, moment over!

  12. Yes it does doesn’t it?! 🙂

  13. sorry, texas doesn’t have a monopoly on that. i went to school about the same time as you, in rural northern california (eureka), graduating from high school in ’83’ and that look was big with my class, too. maybe that was and early eighties rage.

  14. Thanks. Jenny posted her photo for comedic value.

  15. I prefer your photo: long hair over big hair, crushed velvet rather than fur stole. California rather than Texas, too.

  16. Thanks! It’s a Texas thing. All the girls in her yearbook had big hair and wore the same fur stole.

  17. Thanks! I was more of a girl, really.

  18. Thanks. Being a woman in Texas looks like a lot of work.

  19. i find beauty in simple and unpretentious. for that reason, i find you more glamorous.

  20. Stunning lady!

  21. I think they’re both beautiful, but I have to say that the simplicity of your photo is what makes it more beautiful to me. There’s NO WAY I could EVER have Big Texas hair lol It’s really a beautiful photo Kitt. Love it! <3

  22. It helps combat gravity.

  23. I didn’t wear much makeup in high school, but for the high school photo I did.

  24. Far from it honey…I’m so sorry you felt that way!

  25. A bit …still there was time when no gals, wore them. How old is the bra, Or brassiere? Is it just me or do women really need them? Gravity gets everyone eventually. Even guys head south, despite Kramer’s best efforts. Cheers Jamie.

  26. Not as much as I’d have liked. Makeup was highly disregarded in my family. I had to sneak it. My father’s mantra…only ugly women wear makeup. Seriously. That message guided us through our teen years.

  27. LOL. I thought I was ugly. Didn’t date until after graduated from high school. Thought it was because I was fat and ugly.

  28. I LOVE that look. Lots of mascara, too, right?

  29. Thanks, Jamie! This was my response to The Bloggess’ post about her glamour high school portrait. It’s just funny that they wore fur stoles and showed their shoulders. A bit over the top.

  30. you totally look like a model in “Seventeen” dudette!

  31. Kitt – wow – during long time and old generations, was the best. I am speechless.. You are incredible women.

  32. Lovely photo, Kitt. Mine is interesting…shortest hair I ever had, and long bangs that I was hiding behind…interesting look for 1969…the Twiggy era. ☺

  33. Jenny Lawson, too, back when we were teens. She doesn’t know me. I’m one of her legion of stalkers fans. Thank you, though, Mihran. I was only 17 at the time.

  34. She wrote a humorous post about how they wore fur stoles and had to take off their bras for their senior photos. This was my response.

  35. As much as beauty goes? It’s all about personality. Granny used to say, “handsome is as handsome does”. That’s about the crux of it really. Beauty is not much good for either man or woman, if there’s nothing to back it up. Cheers Jamie

  36. now that’s a glamour shot! If mine looked like that, I would share it too! lol

  37. Kitt – is this you in the photos…wow – I don’t know what to say…beautiful

  38. Holy shit, I know how much you love TB but damn, K – you’re GORGEOUS and Jenny doesn’t come close to how hot you were. Sorry but ’tis true. My photo from that time looks like vomit so you won’t be seeing it.

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