Yesterday’s Blue Sky

Yesterday, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., the skies were blue and the temperature warm as my husband and I walked the neighborhood. Today the skies are gray, the air cool.


7 responses to “Yesterday’s Blue Sky”

  1. Thank you for your so sweet compliment 🙂 I do envy you being in Cali! been in Canada since 86 and I still dislike the cold lol

  2. No doubt Vancouver is quite a bit colder than Southern California. Love your site The Wandering Poet. Beautiful poetry and gorgeous photos. Thank you.

  3. The weather is crazy! Blue skies one day, snow ice and rain the next. Its all this global warming and stuff. Im not a huge fan of winter either. I like the sun :d xx

  4. Blue skies..we been getting a glimpse of them here in Vancouver lately, despite last week being horrid grey.. 🙂

  5. Beautiful shades of blue.

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