Source: A Litany of Slightest Madness, by Beleaguered Servant

I have no idea what I just wrote…

I’ve always seen what isn’t there,
And so, I’m under doctor’s care;
For through my window eyes I see
Far, far beyond reality
I see the workings of your heart,
How love leaks out in midnight drips;
And how you’d hide it, if you could –
But will and tongue have frequent slips
I’ve felt you kiss me in the night,
In circles all around my face;
But yet, we have not spoken yet,
I guess you need your breathing space
But yet I see the world set free,
And through stone portals, one lone tree,
A sky of blue, a field of green,
And no more bullies. No one mean.
The doctor says I’m very bright,
Her thoughts will be with me tonight;
I view them when she’s not around
You won’t believe what all I’ve found
Her fantasies are very great,
And sometimes, inappropriate;
She also sees what isn’t there,
So maybe my gift’s not so rare —
But you, blog reader, don’t you know
We all have been afflicted so?
We’re mental patients, all of us,
Who blog for therapy. Discuss.
But still, I see inside your head,
Where you would rather be, instead
Of glimpsing what now you full see:
My steadfast, bald insanity
But maybe that’s not there, as well.
With crazy folks, it’s hard to tell:
Tonight, what isn’t there I’ll see,
And aren’t you just a bit
Like me?

Source: A Litany of Slightest Madness, by Beleaguered Servant


10 responses to “A Litany of Slightest Madness”

  1. Thank you for the heads up. I’ll check it out

  2. I reblogged it. It is an incredible poem. The poet, Owen Beleaguered Servant of, is both talented and prolific.

  3. So cool that WordPress made the connection!

  4. I’m surprised how much I’m learning to enjoy poetry since I’ve been reading blogs. Never was a fan before. Great post.

  5. I admire anyone who has the gift of writing poetry!
    I was trying to think of a respectful way to write here that I don’t usually read anything connected with “madness” as it’s too triggering. As you know, I’ve been in psych units 7 times; the first time my baby was 7 weeks old and my toddler was 2.
    Then I saw on this page a photo of me and Lucy, and your reblog of my “Why I Keep Away From Madness” post I wrote what seems like eons ago. I clicked over there to read the sweetest & most wonderful things you wrote about me – thank you Kitt!!
    Once again your words lifted my spirits.

  6. Wow…the only word you need on this one.

  7. Great poem by Owen “Beleaguered” Servant

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