Originally posted May 3, 2015. Now a year older. Not hypomanic or irritable. Just exhausted, for good reason (too much responsibility on my shoulders weighing me down).
Did a good bit of free-writing at OC Writers write-in yesterday. Plan to salvage some of it, to edit and post here, to edit and submit elsewhere. Primary content of my free-writing was intense.


6 responses to “Thoughts Intrude”

  1. Paladin Avatar

    Your phenotype response was not expected, Kitt. However, this would indicate you showing an honest behavior trait. From past correspondence, I am unable to determine whether you are stubborn, tenacious, or both. But I am sure you will be able to help me out with one of your geeky responses. Best Regards.

  2. Oh, I procrastinate all the time. Have always procrastinated.

  3. Haven’t touched what I wrote yet. Hope to edit and publish it, perhaps on Feminine Collective.

  4. Paladin Avatar

    Some woman never know they even went through menopause, but your description sounds like a severe El Nino. On the + side there does not seem to be any mention of migraines and absolutely no procrastination. Hope you are better now.

  5. Just thought that this post needed a comment. BTW, haven’t seen you around in awhile…come, visit, have a read, and post a comment or two!

  6. Beyond powerful!
    So glad you attended the OC Write In yesterday. Freewriting is one of the healthiest, most cathartic activities around.

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