Thursday a new member of OC Writers, a MeetUp writing group I attend, referred to my work as “changing the world.” Of course, he hadn’t yet read my blog. As a Christian author, he assumed my writing was altruistic, since I described it as a mental health blog where I have also posted some seminary papers. The question on my mind is whether I truly help others in writing autobiographical posts, or rather whether I indulge in unfettered narcissism? Perhaps only time will tell if I can reach out and help others. This site serves both purposes. In writing I heal myself, overcome my isolation and challenge my intellect, as well as engage others who like me struggle with mental illness or seek an understanding of what it is like to live with mental illness. I’m not sure how well my theological writing meshes with those purposes. But I do know that I believe increasingly, more and more each passing day, that God has called me to perform a mental health ministry, and that in striking me down with bipolar disorder and a stint in a psychiatric hospital God forced me to quit working in the commercial real estate sector to take better care of myself, my sensitive son, and my husband.