An Invitation: JOIN ME on SEPT 10th to Honour ULLA's Life

Ulla, aka Blahpolar, will be greatly missed. She fought devastating and unremitting bipolar depression. Please join us in remembering her on Saturday, September 10th, 2016 – World Suicide Prevention Day at May she rest in peace.


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  1. I too hold you in my best thoughts!

  2. Kitt you are the sweetest! Into hold you in my best thoughts. Hugs my friend!

  3. I’m glad to hear it. That drive keeps you striving for wellness. That drive is hope. Hope is powerful. Hold you in my thoughts and prayers. May Allah protect you.

  4. Love the Yin/Yang symbol. Great t-shirt design you sent me. Always good to acknowledge, hold & accept both the good and the bad, as well as the myriad shades of grey.

  5. I know what you’re saying but my every fiber revolts against suicide.

  6. I am not use to taking my thoughts to this level, but thanks for letting me be part of your community, Kitt. Appreciate the thought exchange with you and Robert Matthew Goldstein.
    Recently, I sent you a photo I of my customized tee shirt with the Yin/Yang symbol for the AFSP event this Saturday. Yin/Yang represents opposites such as force/counter force. There are plenty of examples. With reading Ulla’s blogs, I felt both resentful (force) + respectful (counter force) swings occur with a specific description. But even with the swings, I felt more at peace. Thanks, Kitt.

  7. Right…It doesn’t matter how often we read each other; I think all of us check in as often as we can. What matters is that we spontaneously work together to make it safe for other people with the same problem to get information and perhaps even lose a little pain. Each of us is important in some small but significant way.

  8. Thank you, Robert. I’m not always able to make the blog-reading rounds myself, but very much feel like a member of a community. When Ulla died, our community lost a greatly loved and valued member.

  9. Yes…but to feel the loss without that proximity is surprising. It’s like we drift into and out of each others lives just long enough for our presence to be felt but not in a way that we might experience the physical presence of a neighbor or family member.
    I may not read your blog for a week or two but it’s important that it’s there with your insights and strength.

  10. No one should have to live with hellish, unremitting, treatment-resistant pain. Pray for improvements in treatment.

  11. More of a memorial, really. Peace.

  12. Yes. Physical proximity is necessary for emotional intimacy.

  13. Just found out Kitt! I am devastated. Don’t know what to do. Another beautiful life taken from us by this fucking ugly disease.

  14. Thanks for correcting the confusion. Cannot celebrate with all her struggle associated with ECT. More like sympathize with what she endured. RIP.

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  16. I will, Kitt. How weird to feel thee loss of someone I never met. It’s a new experience.

  17. You can still go and comment. That’s all I did. Too many comments for me to read them all…

  18. Celebration was online. I simply left a comment.

  19. Oh my! I’m so sorry to read this! I hate that I missed the memorial.

  20. Hope your “Celebration of Life” ceremony went well, Kitt. Went to one this Spring. It was awesome.
    God Bless.

  21. We all know that pain. Her pain was intractable and did not respond even to multiple sessions of ECT. We are blessed to respond to medication and psychotherapy. Unfortunately, some people get no relief. We still have much to learn.

  22. I understand her choice too. I wish I didn’t, but I know what it is to want to die because there seems to be no other way out of the misery. I feel so bad for her. I hope she finds the peace that eluded her in this life.

  23. She sought and received treatment, including ECT, to no avail. I completely understand her choice. She simply could not bear the pain any longer. I pray she is with her mother and no longer in pain. May she now know peace.

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  25. OMG. I’m so sorry to read that she’s gone. Another bright star taken from us way too soon. May she rest in peace. ?

  26. <3 I had only started following her maybe six months ago but she definitely was special. I didn’t know her as well as you and some of the others did but it always hurts to lose someone. Sending you big (((((HUGS))))).

  27. (((Hugs))) We miss her.

  28. It is hard to put a like on this but it is for the chance to honour her. This is the first I am hearing the news. I have been sporadic at checking all the blogs I follow because of my own health issues lately. 🙁

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