A couple nights ago, or perhaps it was simply last night, I was up late, unable to fall asleep. Finally, at 1:30 am, I decided to check if I had taken my night time meds (generic Depakote aka Divalproex aka valproic acid and generic Benadryl aka long chemical name I do not care to look up). Turns out I had not, so I went ahead and did so and added a clonazepam which I chewed to ensure rapid drowsiness.

Tonight I’m again up late. This night I took my meds. The stimulation of group therapy followed by a writer’s meetup has me tired but very much awake. My body wants sleep, my mind is not ready to let go. Debating whether to take a clonazepam or simply lay down, close my eyes, and relax. Maybe I’ll just continue reading the book of one of the writers I have recently met. My reading list has grown since I’ve started associating with writers.


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