Bad mom
Selfish mom
Ineffective mom
Permissive mom
Bipolar mom
At times, abusive mom
At times, out of control mom
At times, rageful mom
She’s even hit her kid
She’s even slapped her kid
No excuse
No excuse to hit a child
No excuse to slap a child

At my son’s request, I revised this poem, comments, and replies. My son would have preferred that I delete the poem entirely. Since I think that explosive anger and loss of control when disciplining a child is an important issue to address, I am taking ownership of my behavior and not sharing his behavior. He is, after all, a minor, and he deserves respect and privacy.

Though an accurate description of my behavior on more than one occasion, this poem is not the whole story. I like to think I am, or at least I try to be, a devoted loving mother.