Tonight, as I sit beside my husband watching videos of our son downhill mountain biking earlier today, I decided to express my gratitude in celebration of Father’s Day. My husband is a private man, and on more than one occasion he has warned me not to boast. So to keep my boasting to a minimum, and to maintain a modicum of privacy, I will keep my gratitude brief. My middle-aged husband is so dedicated and loving a father that he tries to keep up with our daredevil just-shy-of-fourteen-year-old son as they bicycle insane downhill mountain trails. Best of all, I love husband, and he loves (dare I say, adores) me. Parenting is tough. Parenting while living with a mental illness, even harder. Parenting with a supportive understanding spouse, the best thing ever. Thank you to the best father in the world (in my not so humble and very much boastful opinion).