Balancing Act Book Launch Street Team

July 3rd I submitted the manuscript for my book, Balancing Act: Writing Through a Bipolar Life, to my publisher Eliezer Tristan Publishing. We just nailed down a publication date of September 19th, a month after my 56th birthday.

The Balancing Act book launch street team has its own Facebook group: Balancing Act Street Team. Check it out and join the fun HERE.

If you are interested in reading a PDF of my unformatted, unpublished manuscript (in the publishing biz, an ARC or Advanced Reader Copy) to post reviews on and, please sign up here:

Hypomania is Here Now

My excitement has triggered anxiety and hypomania. Somehow, I must balance my excitement about the upcoming publication of Balancing Act with my need for self-care.

Take a deep breath and stretch, Kitt.

Wish me well and thanks for your support!


10 responses to “Balancing Act Book Launch Street Team”

  1. Thanks for the love, light & glitter to you, too. Thanks also for the humor.

  2. My friend has actually been studying Innate Health (3 principles) hoping it’ll help with bipolar (though she says she doesn’t know if it’s helped at all or not).
    Like, I think that a random person making a weird comment is going to make a difference to your life – more like, I don’t, so just ignore this 🙂
    Happy weekend!
    Love, light and glitter

  3. Thank you. Actually, a bit less balanced. Been ramping since I submitted my manuscript. Saw my psychiatrist today. New med added to the mix should help bring me down.

  4. This is amazing!!!
    I hope your world is more balanced at the moment.
    Love, light and glitter

  5. Thank you, Jessica B. Bell. I adore you and your writing.

  6. Thanks. FYI, it’s not going to be published until 9/19.

  7. Congratulations! If I had an audience, I would definitely support you more.

  8. I got one from you! I’ll see if I can review the book by next month.

  9. Thank you, Cassandra! Hope the form worked! Let me know if you don’t get an email from me. Decided not to use MailChimp for this campaign. Just used my email account.

  10. I signed up for the review list, Kitt! I’ll be glad to review your book on my blog.

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