Motherhood is difficult. Over the years, I have felt torn between mothering, being a devoted wife, working outside my home, studying in seminary, and volunteering in my community. I have found myself repeatedly taking on and then reneging commitments due to conflicts in my responsibilities, the primary one being motherhood. On top of it all, I struggle with a potentially debilitating mental illness, bipolar disorder type II. For now, I stay home and write. Dust settles on and under furniture. The laundry waits.


  1. […] with mental illness while parenting a child with chronic health issues is a balancing act. When my son was very young, I tried working as well, and ended up hospitalized. I could only […]

  2. […] depressed. Finally, at the age of 39, it became clear that I had bipolar disorder. Still, I tried balancing the demands of coping with bipolar disorder with parenting and working in commercial real estate. […]

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