I do not whisper. I ROAR.

Motherhood transformed me. My identity changed. Now it changes again. I have constantly reinvented myself over my lifetime. As a pre-med biochemistry major at UCLA, I was miserable and suicidal. Then I studied part-time [...]

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Updated My Resources Page

Now that I'm one of WEGO Health's 7 Bipolar Depression Patient Leaders You Need to Know, I decided that I would update my Resources page. Actually, the two have nothing to do with [...]

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Just Finished My CE's!

Just completed my continuing education (CE) for my California Marriage and Family Therapist license (LMFT). To renew my license this time around, among the courses I took, I chose the following three timely and emotionally [...]

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Thank You, Caregivers

Thank you to all the caregivers who have helped with my parents recently. Grateful for the excellent care my mom has received. Thank you: Jane Pamphile of Next Step Senior Care first started working [...]

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I am Ashamed

I'm ashamed. Ashamed of the dust. Ashamed of the clutter. Ashamed that I do not, that somehow I cannot, bring myself to keep my house clean. This afternoon, as I sat working at our dining room [...]

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