Dyane Harwood and Her Muse Lucy

Happy Birthday to My Dear Friend Dyane Harwood and Her Muse Lucy

This weekend I’m going up to the San Francisco Bay Area so that Rebecca Gitenstein can interview me at The Wright Institute for her doctoral study on mothers with bipolar disorder. What do you know – I’m a mother and I have bipolar disorder. PLUS – The Wright Institute is in Berkeley. Seeing Rebecca in person gives me a great excuse to go visit friends up there. I’m actually a native San Franciscan. My parents met, married and made me in San Francisco. I went to UC Berkeley for my bachelors in legal studies and to New College of California in San Francisco for my masters in psychology. Not only will I be able to connect with old friends who live in the Bay Area, but… drum roll, please… I get to meet DYANE HARWOOD of Birth of a New Brain – Healing from Postpartum Bipolar Disorder!!! I absolutely ADORE DYANE!!! I CANNOT WAIT to meet her IN PERSON!!! (I’m telling you there are not enough exclamation points and capital letters to express how excited I am.)