I am SO disappointed. Woke up this morning with gastroenteritis. Not able to go on my trip to the San Franciscod Bay Area. Not able to be interviewed for Rebecca Gitenstein’s study on mothers with bipolar disorder. Not able to meet up with my old friends from high school. Not able to meet my friend and fellow bipolar blogger (I know, I know, bipolar isn’t an adjective – whatever) Dyane Harwood in person. Major bummer.


43 responses to “I’m Sick & Had to Cancel”

  1. Yay! All is not lost.

  2. Yes, very. Now I must recuperate.

  3. Get well soon, kitt! Must be so disappointing.

  4. I will reschedule when I feel better.

  5. Thank you. Soaking up your vibes.

  6. Yep, but I have a credit with the airline, so I’ll go up some other time.

  7. Thank you. I had black tea with sugar. It actually helped a bit, too.

  8. Thank you. Prayers are always welcome.

  9. Well, I do have a credit with Southwest Airlines…

  10. Don’t worry, Marie, I know that you have great faith, but I do not hold you responsible for my illness. Perhaps I was supposed to be home with my family this weekend, even if I’m sitting in my bed.

  11. So sorry to hear that! Can they reschedule? Hope so. Feel better 🙂

  12. Major bummer I’d say. Sending healing vibes your way. Take care.

  13. Feel better soon. I’m sorry you had to cancel your trip.

  14. Feel Better – Have some green tea and honey…this should help!

  15. Praying you’ll feel better, friend

  16. Aww so sad! Take time to feel better, I’m sure Dyane and you will get another opportunity!

  17. Oh no Kitt and Lady, hope you know I was just joking about being jealous and envious. I couldn’t wish for this oh! Please get well soon darling and you guys re-schedule. Loads of best wishes 🙂

  18. Feel better soon! Rest as much as you can!

  19. Thank you for the prayers. Greatly appreciated.

  20. Yes. Got to take it easy, rest up, keep hydrated. Thank you.

  21. Thank you, Phil.

  22. Thanks. Drinking water right now.

  23. We can do it together over the phone even. Easy.

  24. BEING SICK IS NOT FUN! I am so disappointed. Major bummer.

  25. Noooooo way Kitt!!! Bummer!!! I’m salty for you!! Praying you feel better soon & that another opportunity presents itself soon!!


  26. Oh that sucks! Hope you feel better soon

  27. Arrggh! KITT , not Mitt! @#$&%! Autocorrect

  28. Aw, Mitt, I’m so sorry! I know you were really looking forward to that trip. I hope you feel better soon and that another opportunity comes along. Thinking of you. xoxo

  29. I am sorry to hear that. Remember, things happen for a reason. Hope you feel better dear!

  30. Can’t like that 🙁 I’m sorry. Hope you can reschedule some of it. HUGS FROM AFAR

  31. Hope you feel better.

  32. I had that a month ago — drink lots of fluids! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  33. I hope you feel better.

  34. I’m starting not to freak so much about being called “Bipolar Dyane” as long as it’s a compliment! 😉 Plus I’m so damn lazy – despite your giving me the how-to link, I STILL
    haven’t changed my URL from “proudlybipolar” (it not longer fits, I created that in 2008)
    to “birthofanewbrain”!

    When you come up here, can do that together???

    Rest up, sweet friend.
    I love you!

  35. I don’t “Like” this AT ALL! Very, very, very bummed out. ;( I was going to dye my hair for you! Purple! (just kidding!) I was going to CLEAN THE TOILET for YOU! But I still will do those things when you reschedule. Feel better honey, and pronto!!

  36. That’s supposed to be feel better lol

  37. Geel better…that is a bummer 🙁

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