#BeReal, Kitt


Here I am, being real. On a typical day, I do not shower or bathe and do not wear makeup. I am middle-aged. My gray hair,  wrinkles and turkey neck are hard-earned. This is not a Before or Ugly Duckling photo. Just is just me being real, showing you myself bare.

Thank you, HastyWords, for #BeReal, a movement to counter the #DontJudgeMeChallenge where people posted Ugly Duckling photos of themselves (before) and best possible versions of themselves (after). Thank you, Lizzi, for bringing Hasty’s #BeReal movement to my attention in the post
In a World So Quick to Judge, Just #BeReal on Sisterwives.

Hasty was unimpressed with hashtags which contribute to a bodycentric culture - so she changed the world.

The world is READY for this movement. Our body-obsessed culture NEEDS this movement. There is not a person who won’t benefit from a new way, which supports putting people first. Go on, #BeARebel – show yourself off, exactly as you are, because YOU ARE WONDERFUL.

Show yourself off on Twitter, on Instagram, on Facebook, on Tumblr, in Real Life, and be YOU. Be Beautiful. #BeReal.

via In a World so Quick to Judge, Just #BeReal | by Lizzi for The SisterWives.

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32 responses to “#BeReal, Kitt”

  1. I am biased. I’m sure of it.

    I married a tomboy, and I tend to be friends with tomboys– that generally do not care too much about wearing makeup on a regular basis.

    Don’t get me wrong– Cimmorene has a genuine talent for makeup, including theatrical makeup. Combined with one of my sisters, who is incredibly talented in making costumes, we are set for Halloween or any convention that includes cosplay. Also, Cimmorene has a great natural look– one that isn’t specifically tied to any historical notions of beauty. Y’know, like Demi Lovato has. After seeing her do a no-makeup selfie, I asked myself, “So why isn’t she sporting this look to the camera more often?”

  2. Without a doubt, Dy keeps it real.

  3. Thank you, Marie. You, too, are easy on the eyes, no doubt even at bedtime.

  4. and lady that is being real too you know 🙂

  5. I love your picture Kitt, your hair looks currly and your face sweet. Ha make up and I are very barest of friends especailly in this era of my life. Being real is more beautiful, atleast you can look your face in the mirror before bedtime without gasping 🙂

  6. Whatever. Age happens.

  7. Kimmie, you are so sweet. Thank you.

  8. You ARE beautiful in every way. No turkey neck. You should see mine!!!

  9. I love the pic! You look like a true friend.

  10. Real is the best. We need so much more of it. ?

  11. stuckinscared Avatar

    Your ‘real’ is beautiful… inside and out x

  12. I do see your comments all over the place, though!

  13. Thank you, Vic!

  14. Thank you, Lizzi!

  15. I bet he colors his hair, but who knows. He’s let his skin take a beating from the sun. That’s for sure.

  16. Time to do a litle bit ‘o blog cutting!!!! You only have so much time, energy and two eyes. I just pared down my list and am sticking with mostly longterm faves like yours, Vic, Blahpolar, Marie…

  17. Thanks. I’ve got to now go and update my social media presences. I just caught up on my WordPress Reader short list reading. Many of the posts I suspect I simply clicked “Like” over the past week b/c I didn’t have the energy to read them. I’m questioning how much energy I have going forward to keep up with so many blogs.

  18. You are wonderful exactly the way you are Kitt!

  19. GOOD FOR YOU! Awesome 😉

  20. It seems being real, is just fine. I think men have an easier time with that, than women?

    Yet there are some men who use stuff, to colour their hair. Have surgery for whatever they feel makes them older and try to not be “real”.

    I notice certain actors like Robert Redford, try to stay real? Kudos for that. Yet, even in one of his later films, the character jars. For he is in actuality in his late seventies, yet he may have some grey at the temples. Really, is his hair colour that blond red all over?

    Colour me flummoxed, Cheers Jamie.

  21. I like you, Kitt. You are just right.

  22. […] of themselves (before) and best possible versions of themselves (after). Thank you, Lizzi and Kitt, for bringing Hasty’s #BeReal movement to my attention in the post In a World So Quick to Judge, […]

  23. Way to go, Kitt! I’m right behind you! 🙂

  24. I love your post and the fact you shared your real photo!

    I’d write more but I’m totally exhausted from a morning spent tweeting & networking & thanking those who shared my postpartum bipolar post on Twitter like you did!

    As I wrote in “My Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorder Gets No Respect” Part Two, we all have our cause (or more accurately, causes) close to our hearts, and I applaud you for taking part in the NAMI Walk (to which I proudly donated on your behalf) and the #BeReal movement.

    thanks for all that you do to help us, your devoted readers, live more fully and authentically, whether we apply makeup a la Gene Simmons or go bare. God loves us in our many colors, right?

    Your sleepy pal

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