Here I am, being real. On a typical day, I do not shower or bathe and do not wear makeup. I am middle-aged. My gray hair,  wrinkles and turkey neck are hard-earned. This is not a Before or Ugly Duckling photo. Just is just me being real, showing you myself bare.

Thank you, HastyWords, for #BeReal, a movement to counter the #DontJudgeMeChallenge where people posted Ugly Duckling photos of themselves (before) and best possible versions of themselves (after). Thank you, Lizzi, for bringing Hasty’s #BeReal movement to my attention in the post
In a World So Quick to Judge, Just #BeReal on Sisterwives.

Hasty was unimpressed with hashtags which contribute to a bodycentric culture - so she changed the world.

The world is READY for this movement. Our body-obsessed culture NEEDS this movement. There is not a person who won’t benefit from a new way, which supports putting people first. Go on, #BeARebel – show yourself off, exactly as you are, because YOU ARE WONDERFUL.

Show yourself off on Twitter, on Instagram, on Facebook, on Tumblr, in Real Life, and be YOU. Be Beautiful. #BeReal.

via In a World so Quick to Judge, Just #BeReal | by Lizzi for The SisterWives.

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