Thank you so much, Just Plain Ol’ Vic at, for nominating me for the Beautiful Blogger AwardJust Plain Ol’ Vic started blogging for support regarding his wife’s bipolar disorder. Spouses and families of those of us with mental illness need support, too. In the US resources include NAMI Family-to-Family which is an educational course for family, caregivers and friends of individuals living with mental illness and NAMI Family Support Group which is a peer-led support group for family members, caregivers and loved ones of individuals living with mental illness.

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My Nominees for the Beautiful Blogger Award:

IT IS NOT ALWAYS YOUR FAULT:  There are things in life that are beyond your control.  No matter how much you continue to beat yourself up and replay the scenario it will never change.  You are not able to change the tides, sun or moon – somethings are NOT your fault.


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Save the Bipolar Bears is also a Very Inspiring Blogger