Blogging 201 Assignments

Blogging University - Blogging 201

Copying and pasting the course outline and class hyperlinks helps me get a better handle on the material (or maybe I’m just avoiding doing the work). Today’s assignment was to analyze our blog’s statistics to create a thirty-day editorial calendar. I’ve poked around my statistics, but haven’t gained significant insights or come up with an editorial plan yet. Maybe I’ll write some sort of post regarding them. Writing helps me to think.

Today I replaced many high resolution images with smaller lower resolution files. Hopefully I didn’t mess up Pinterest links to my blog. Actually, I probably did break a bunch of links, since I replaced many png files with jpg files. At least I started getting a handle on how to use PaintShop Pro (it’s a very complicated program).


Setting Goals
Auditing Your Brand
Getting Read All Over
Giving ‘Em What They Want, I
Driving Traffic to Your Archives

Digging Into Social Networks
Making the Most of Events
Creating an Online Hub
Buddying Up
Giving ‘Em What They Want, II


11 responses to “Blogging 201 Assignments”

  1. I’m heading over right now…

  2. The look is new. I took Blogging 101 in January and am now taking Blogging 201. In doing so, I’ve overhauled my blog.

  3. I had been using Canva, but noticed that my images were large (too high resolution, too large file size), so I’m compressing them by converting the png files Canva created into jpg files. Thank you for taking the time to recommend the two sites. They are great, without doubt.

  4. Good to see complete guidelines here. All the best to you..!

  5. This is a 03:00 revelation to reblog the valuable information in your #Blogging201 outline and start my new day and new attitude of gratitude with a Thank you.

    Reblogged at The Authenticity of Being Joyful | The Fruit of Faith and Flavor | Better Butterflies ! Seven Sights and Sounds.

  6. Thanks for laying down the course outline, it looks really exciting. I’m still locked out form The Commons so this post comes in handy.

    While stats might not reveal much about an ideal calendar for us just yet, I’m almost certain that by that last assignment you’ll have a bigger story. Exciting! 😀

  7. Hi, Kitt. How are you doing? I just thought I’d stop by and touch base. I have 5 blog posts on my new blog about my bipolar, since I met you on Julie’s blog. I’d love it if you could visit and let me know what you think. I think I’m getting the hang of it. It’s definitely different than posting book reviews.

  8. Kitt – I love your new header (new to me as I’ve been away so long). I especially like how you’ve placed your font and the colors of the entire presentation is terrific. Kudos to you for taking on ‘201.’ I should sign up for it again but my power of concentration is more than a bit fractured at the present time.
    Keep up the great work. Sheri

  9. I use Pic Monkey and Canva for photo editing – simple and easy to use 🙂 If you don’t need anything to complicated that is.

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