Back in Fall 2005, when I first attended Fuller Theological Seminary – a multi-denominational Christian seminary – I wrote a Mental Health Ministry training manual. I just changed the language to make it more inclusive of all faiths. Feel free to use it as you see fit. NAMI FaithNet, by the way, is expert at helping faith communities support those with mental illness. Check out NAMI FaithNet.


2 responses to “Mental Health Ministry”

  1. Actually at one point I had posted several papers, then took them down. They still hang out in WordPress along with unpublished posts.

  2. Took a peek at the Mental Health Ministry manual and I was flabbergasted; while I didn’t read it thoroughly, it’s obvious you did a stand-up job! It’s great you can share your work here instead of having it stuck in a file helping no one! 🙂

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