Blogging 201 Goals

Our first assignment in Blogging 201 is to write three concrete goals. Here are mine:

  1. Write at least once a week
  2. Gain new readers each week
  3. Maintain mutually supportive online relationships with my readers

Q: Why do you blog?
A: Get thoughts out of my head and onto the page. Educate. Advocate. Fight ignorance, stereotypes, and stigma. Support and be supported. Be in community with other mental health bloggers, advocates, consumers, family members, professionals, and policy makers.

Q: If your blog exceeded your wildest dreams, what would that look like?
A: I have exceeded my expectations, for I had no expectations. Without doubt, I want to write at least once a week. I would like to reach a larger audience and to make a bigger difference, but I am happy with the community I now have. I have had to cut back on my reading of many other wonderful blogs, for my time and energy are limited. That I regret. I can only give so much, can only do so much. If I could speak publicly and still maintain my mental health, I would like to do so.


15 responses to “Blogging 201: My Three Goals”

  1. Thank you. Actually, there are quite a few mental health bloggers. I cannot keep up with my reading, especially since I’m also interested in art, photography, poetry, and writing in general.

  2. I love your page. I enjoyed reading your goals as well. Blogs like yours are the ones I really like to follow. I’m all about mental health and learning about other people and awareness. I’m reading up on some of your posts now, and it’s really good stuff. There’s not enough blogs out here representing what you are blogging and sharing. I am such a fan, and I applaud you, sincerely.

  3. Different platforms lend themselves to different purposes. I post on G+, too, but prefer WP for blogging and community.

  4. Thank you, Mariska.

  5. these are solid goals but I must admit, I pursue them more on G+ than WP. G+ seems more suited for visual postings.

  6. I really enjoy reading your blogs so glad to hear about what you have planned for 2015! It helps so much to know that other women are experiencing similar things to me…. make the tough times a little easier to bear. I think you’ve been given a real gift in encouraging others.

  7. I just recently learned about scheduling posts. Makes so much sense.

  8. With my issues I find it easier to schedule posts. It doesn’t always work as the information might be old but it keeps me on my feet and so far has worked perfectly.

  9. I read your first commenter as “you’ve got good goats,” which I thought was a lovely sentence.

    You have a great blog and strategy. 🙂

  10. Great that you get so many comments! Sometimes all you have to say is Thanks.

  11. Wonderful answers! I know you’ll achieve those three (very worthy) goals!

  12. I wish you well as you move forward in #Blogging201.

  13. Good on you. When I have many comments to read I just go blank and answer none. Not good at all. You have good goals and I hope you keep it up.

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