Blogging 201: Auditing My Brand

Blogging University - Blogging 201

Yesterday’s assignment in Blogging 201 was to audit our brand. The focus of Blogging 201 is branding and growth. Last month in Blogging 101, I revamped my blog’s look, so for this assignment I focused on creating a brand logo for my header banner. I spent WAY too many hours playing with different Celtic fonts to create a logo of my very Irish name. The wonderful and always helpful Michelle Weber, writer and editor extraordinaire, recommended that I, “go a little bigger, maybe — less flower photo, more of your name/tagline.” I love Michelle‘s tagline, by the way:

Chief Semicolon Advocate at Professional writer, editor, napper, and dog-snorgler. Knows you are, but what is she?

Since I wasn’t quite sure what a dog-snorgler was, I looked it up. Here’s what I found in the Urban Dictionary:

To snorgle is to to snuggle a cute item in an manner meant to drink in or experience its overwhelming cuteness. Imagine picking up a cute puppy and sticking your face down into its furriness and snorgling it up. See cuteoverload dot com.

What do you think of my new Irish-Celtic logo? (You may notice that I really like flowers and take lots of photos of them.)


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  1. Thank you, Karl. I appreciate your positive feedback. Compliments are always welcome.

  2. Hi Kitt, really love the new header, especially the treatment of your name. I also like that you used two different flower photos instead of just using one and mirroring it. Green is my favorite color and the deep one you have chosen makes a nice noticeable statement.

  3. You did a great job. Thank you!

  4. I’m so glad I stumbled on your blog. I was inspired to create a collage of examples regarding the Blogging 201 assignments AND included you! Hopefully this will send more support your way. Check out the post and the other blogs when you can. Thanks!

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  6. That’s a great resource. I just change it in real time. WP has a way to save snapshots of your site.

  7. Yup! I take advantage of InstantWP ( to design it on my computer, and then once I’ve got it just right, push it all out in one go. I don’t know about you, but I also fret about things being change where people could see it!

  8. Ohhh. no, that wouldn’t be good for it to be cut off – it would kind of defeat the purpose, ha ha! I don’t think it’s being nar. (i hate spelling that word, so I’m lazy) – you’re too humble!!! It’s a lovely name and a lovely font = perfect match!

  9. Bigger! No, aside from being too narcissistic if I go any bigger, this size fits on mobile devices’ scrreens. Too big and it gets cut off.

  10. I think it looks beautiful! I’d love to see your name even bigger – maybe someone else has written that (I haven’t had a chance to read all comments) – I’ll love it either way!

  11. Good for you. Keeps you from wasting hours and hours of time obsessing over changes.

  12. Thank you! Hope all is well with you.

  13. Looks awesome!

  14. Hee, design is fun. My only ‘problem’ is that I do it once and I’m pretty much set from there!

  15. I love the look. It is very Celtic and I appreciate the Celtic touch in just about everything. 🙂

  16. You were right that the font’s vines’ colors could be changed. After messing around with them, I decided to keep it simple for now (my husband pointed out readability issues) with DS Celtic 2 (Dan Smith’s fantasy fonts).

  17. I like the ones you used. I’m all about combining fonts. It’s never easy to come up with a logo. I personally change my mind quite a lot before finally settling.

  18. Actually, I just looked those fonts up. I had downloaded a few of those and ruled out a couple. Thanks!

  19. The vines were part of that font. It is a different font than the rest of the name. I will check out the fonts you named. Thanks!

  20. Actually in 2014, my top referrals were 1) Facebook, 2) Twitter, 3) Reader, 4), and 5) So, some – but not all or even most – of my viewers read my blog using the Reader. Great point, though.

  21. Design is one of my favorite things. I personally like where you’re going. I’m not sure if the vines are built into the font but I kind of imagined them being a different color from the letter.

    I love Celtic fonts. Some of my favorites are of this type (or inspired by) are Stonehenge, Celtic MD, Spiral Initials,Celtic Knot, and Celtic 101 — I just don’t know if they’re free to use for this type of endeavor. Still, I love to see where you’re going!

  22. Thank you, Patty.

  23. Something to consider, but I normally don’t know really what someone’s blog looks like since I mainly read & comment using the WordPress app on my phone.

    So every time someone changes their look, that may be the first time that I actually look at their blog using a web browser.

    I wonder if I am in the minority, reading this way?

  24. It is beautiful!

  25. Good eye. Made the change and made the font one size smaller. Much better. Thanks!

  26. I will give it a try and see how it looks. Thanks.

  27. I like it!

    I almost would prefer just one of the letters ornate though – maybe the O? it’s up to you though.

    and I adore the flowers 🙂

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