Blogging University - Blogging 201

Yesterday’s assignment in Blogging 201 was to audit our brand. The focus of Blogging 201 is branding and growth. Last month in Blogging 101, I revamped my blog’s look, so for this assignment I focused on creating a brand logo for my header banner. I spent WAY too many hours playing with different Celtic fonts to create a logo of my very Irish name. The wonderful and always helpful Michelle Weber, writer and editor extraordinaire, recommended that I, “go a little bigger, maybe — less flower photo, more of your name/tagline.” I love Michelle‘s tagline, by the way:

Chief Semicolon Advocate at Professional writer, editor, napper, and dog-snorgler. Knows you are, but what is she?

Since I wasn’t quite sure what a dog-snorgler was, I looked it up. Here’s what I found in the Urban Dictionary:

To snorgle is to to snuggle a cute item in an manner meant to drink in or experience its overwhelming cuteness. Imagine picking up a cute puppy and sticking your face down into its furriness and snorgling it up. See cuteoverload dot com.

What do you think of my new Irish-Celtic logo? (You may notice that I really like flowers and take lots of photos of them.)