Ok, so, um, I’ve always sort of put myself out there. Way before I ever had therapy or was interested in psychology. It just is my temperament. And, not only is it my temperament, but it’s been something of a defense mechanism. If I put myself out there, then people can’t hurt me with any secrets because I have no secrets. I’m like, “Yeah, so what of it.” I’ve always been that way, since I was a little child. Always been WAY open.
My name is Kitt Kathleen. Kitt is my full first name. Kathleen is my middle name. Redundant name. I love it. My Aunt Kathy. My Aunt Kathleen, I’m named after. She’s my godmother, also. I got a bonus godmother in that my mother’s friend, Annette, best friend, Annette, stood in for my Aunt Kathy during the ceremony, during my baptism. So, I have two godmothers. My sponsor, my aunt, and then my stand-in, Annette. So I’m doubly blessed.
But, anyway, back to my name. Kitt Kathleen. Both names are derived from Katherine, which comes from… Sorry for the background noise. I’m driving with the windows open in order to dry my hair. Anyway, Katherine… Catherine derives from catharsis, which is, you know, change through emotional, well, okay, I don’t have the definition in front of me right now, and I’m a little scattered, but think catharsis, think Kitt, you got it. You know, change through an emotional outpouring, through cathartic, through catharsis. So, Kitt is cathartic.
So, here I am. I’m driving to have lunch with my parents. I’m apprehensive. It’s challenging seeing my parents. They’re not happy with the decisions I’ve [we’ve] made for them. They want to be back in their home, which is in escrow [has since fallen out of escrow]. But, they’re not able to take care of themselves. And, I’m not able to take care of them either.
I know they had wanted us to stay in their house, to have us take care of them. But, I have bipolar disorder. My son gets migraines and has social anxiety and depression. My husband would do anything, is willing to do anything. But, I don’t think it’s good for him either to be put in the position of taking care of everybody. He’s got some anxiety himself – claustrophobic, and he’s an engineer, so he’s a little tightly wound.
None of us is kind of chill. Let’s just put it that way. None of us is chill. We’re thoroughbreds. We’re tightly wound. We’re a little over-bred for intelligence. You know, sort of the Jack Russell terriers of the world. Anyway, I guess that’s it for now. A little cathartic sharing.


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  1. Grieve as you lose them over time to dementia, and then a final goodbye. My father had dementia, too.

  2. Jennifer Avatar

    I truly feel for you. I eventually had to end the torture for my Father after 10 long years of Alzheimer’s. Today I see my Step-Father every week in the Memory Care Unit. Tis is such a terrible illness! Coming home every Sunday is always sad and full of reflection. My point, I understand and send you love and prayers.

  3. Thanks. You know, when I record my thoughts, speak them out loud, I am actually less distracted. When my mind races with them, I become distracted and forget where I am going and where I am.

  4. You are great! I love your sense of humor. I get the concerns about distracted driving, but somehow it all just makes it more real that you are driving with the windows open to dry your hair, while “catharting” (is that a word)? ?

  5. That it is. <3

  6. I didn’t know about your reputation for driving, so now that I do I’d say it’s best to be prudent. I love your vlogs whether or not you’re driving, so from now on you could record them while stationery or even walk around with one of those high-tech cameras on your head, – I don’t care what you do, just be safe! And that’s nice your sister cares about you even though she gave you a hard time – it’s out of love. XOXO

  7. […] watching mental health advocate/blogger Kitt O’Malley’s insightful vlogs yesterday I was fired up to get in front of Photo Booth and yap […]

  8. My sister gave me a hard time for videotaping while driving (driving while distracted). I don’t have a good reputation for driving. Something of a combination of space cadet and speed demon. Don’t notice what I should.

  9. This is a fascinating video in which you share your insights, the history of your name (which transitions beautifully to the etyomology of “catharsis”) your amazing humor and so much more…
    you are so eloquent even when you’re speaking off the top of your wet head!
    (I love how you’re driving with the windows down and drying your hair!)
    This post inspired me to record my own vlog & I’ll link here in my next blog post that I’ll publish tomorrow or Thursday..

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