Xmas Stocking

So here I am on Christmas Day, at a loss for words. Recently I’ve been posting simple holiday sentiments on graphic images and content I’ve copied and pasted from year-end emails sent to me from NAMI and NIMH, or – in the case of To Conform or Not to Conform – content I wrote and posted earlier. Not much to share in terms of original content. Hopefully, I’ll come up with some original content soon, and I’ll repost some worthwhile old stuff.

Somewhat overwhelmed and physically exhausted. We’ve fought a stomach bug for far too long. Just as you think you are better, it comes back and hits you down. In any case, Santa stuffed the adults’ stockings with some yummy gourmet goodies that he must have purchased from Cost Plus World Market. I’ve already eaten my chocolate bar from the stocking. Doesn’t matter how sick I feel, I’ll inhale chocolate, even as I grow sicker and sicker as I consume it. Yes, I’m a chocoholic.