Often I get caught in my thoughts, in daydreaming and talking to myself, even gesturing and make facial expressions to match my train of thought. Keeps me from being in the present and drives my son nuts, especially when I do it driving him to and from school.

My hope is to get those thoughts out and onto this blog. My plan is to start vlogging my daydreams, perhaps as streams of consciousness. Haven’t yet set up a camera to do so. Tried my iPhone in the car, but when I mounted it on the dashboard, it obscured my field of vision, which, of course, is dangerous.


  1. […] I was thinking and decided to get down on paper is how I enjoy daydreaming. I used to daydream or dissociate for hours a day while picking my skin, resulting in horrible […]

  2. Yes, just like Descartes’ “I think therefore I am,” but updated for the 21st century.

  3. You blog, therefore you are! – Straight and simple. 🙂

  4. Good! I’m now a regular Kitt blog fan, so I’ll be in the know when you decide to try out that webcam! I just listened to Jessica’s vlog on “Come Unglued” (I forgot to mention her blog’s name) and she kept it to about 1 minute. Short and sweet (or bittersweet depending on the topic). You both inspire me to practice that with my vlogs-to-be and blog posts when I can!

  5. You are right about doing it while driving – way too dangerous. But sitting in front of a webcam I can and eventually will do.

  6. Kitt, vlogging is a superb idea! You’re inspiring *me* to give it a go. (I’ll give you the credit!)

    Be careful in that car! I got a $324 ticket & I just completed online traffic school, so I’m freaking out at everyone to drive/behave in the car super-safely.

    Anyway, getting your thoughts out via your blog would be so healthy for you. I know you realize that already, & I support you in doing it. I used my MacBook Pro’s “Photo Booth” program when I recorded my song “The End of the Day”. It was easy to do.

    There’s another blog I read by Jessica Torres and she vlogs every now and then. I enjoy the variety of the written word and the spoken word (+visual) a great deal. I look forward to whatever you decide to do.

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