This morning I reveled in a beautiful drive through Santiago Canyon from my son’s school in Rancho Santa Margarita to a writers’ group in Orange, CA. Perhaps I should have stopped and taken a picture, but I did not, for I was too in the moment, enjoying the ride and taking in the scenery. The ride was pure bliss, both serene and energizing. Yesterday was Easter. Today, a new dawn. Thank you, God, for your grace, for your forgiveness, for your all-encompassing love.


  1. Without doubt. God bless you.

  2. A lovely post, Kitt.

  3. Welcome to the messy club!

  4. Thank you. I need to get it together in a more organized manner. For now, I’m just in output mode. Spewing out content, so to speak. Once I get more disciplined, I may get more organized. Or, I may just stay messy, as is my house and my life.

  5. Just in reference to your previous request, here with a photo, then that photo on G+ pointing to your entry, that is how you may use the social web, if you like.

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