DEAR READER: Boundaries, Intimacy, and Trust

My post published today on Organic Coffee, Haphazardly.
Yes, I have boundary issues.


7 responses to “DEAR READER: Boundaries, Intimacy, and Trust”

  1. Thanks for sharing, following now ?

  2. People are going to love SIRI and Google Voice then? They already tell users, that these voice recognition systems listen to every word. Welcome to Arthur Blair’s world, 1984. You don’t believe all is recorded by these entities? I would expect WP does it too, with all blogs and comments saved? Cheers Jamie.

  3. You can take your time responding, too.

  4. Someone once told me “There’s truth in jest” but I really don’t like that proverb! I love textx because I don’t have to “fake” it, you know what I mean? Impersonal? Maybe, but hey, it’s better than nothing, LOL!!! And I try to jazz things up with those cutesy emojis. ?

  5. Hopefully I’ll remember your preference for texts. My son was giving me a hard time for not being compassionate to his pain. He was joking (I think).

  6. Absolutely loved this post, Kitt.
    I relate to it on a deep level.
    I loathe DM’s, I despise the phone, I’ve been told I’m “too much”/”too intense”/”a spaz” (ugh) and, drum roll please….the evil, evil “M” word:
    “too MANIC” (even when I was a far cry from it!)
    After getting to know you over the past couple years, my gut tells me you are NOT a “narcissist” (I can never spell that damn word) – our children don’t know it all, although I know your son is exceptionally brilliant. (I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you shared that with your readers.) It’s incredibly brave to paint oneself in a less-than-flattering light online, and it’s not only endearing; many of us readers connect with that situation and with similar ones as well and feel less alone. Thank you so much for writing this piece!
    p.s. I like texts only – no phone calls or direct messages unless it’s urgent

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