Nothering, Too Good, or Good Enough Mother?

Feminine Collective published Good Enough Mothering, a poem of mine about mothering a migraineur.
Check it out:


9 responses to “Nothering, Too Good, or Good Enough Mother?”

  1. Underestimated your modesty. It is priceless!!!

  2. Actually, I’m a terrible driver.

  3. Can understand the dilemma from your “Good Enough Mother” post, Kitt. Glad you added “Nothering” to the Webster definitions. See what you are dealing with from a different perspective. Even though your son may be dragging his feet, you still must maintain being a good “Role Model” teaching him to drive. Believe you have the ability and potential to perform that task.
    Happy Halloween. God Bless + Namaste.

  4. Thank you! I just read a few of your posts. Lovely “research” trip to the U.K. Great author interviews, too.

  5. Congrats!
    Such a powerful sentiment. I’m glad I read it. And I’m very glad you shared it with us. I’m definitely taking a look around some more.

  6. So proud of you, Kitt, for branching out and sharing your raw, powerful writing with the world!

  7. do you have a link, Kitt?

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