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My sister made me promise not to drive and videotape myself at the same time because that is driving while distracted. There’s one problem with that, and that’s that I’m more distracted when I don’t articulate my thoughts. Because they race through my head, and I can only speak or write so quickly.

No matter how quickly I speak or how fast I type or write, it’s not nearly as fast as my thoughts. And, it actually slows me down. So, I am less distracted. Hard to understand if you don’t have thoughts that go really fast. Thoughts that are kind of a press of ideas. Too much. Too much. So anyway, that’s it.


15 responses to “Distracted Driving”

  1. I get distracted talking to my passenger, too!

  2. red light turns green*** and you are like uhhh GOOOO I don’t have all day. Your text can’t be that important tbh. 😛

  3. I can see her argument, however how is it any different than talking to someone in the passenger seat or on bluetooth? The only people who piss me off who do talk on their phones with a thousands of dollars car you know has blue tooth. Texting and driving. etc. Society is becoming extremely depressing. I seriously don’t understand people’s attachments to their phones. Like what did we do before cell phones? Oh wait people actually talked to each other and had a life. Less accidents etc. 😛
    However, you should consider your sisters feelings, sometimes we don’t think we are distracted but are. I do understand where you are coming from though. People are different. As long as you are not the person in front of me texting at a red light, or driving like a complete moron in front of me phone in hand we are cool. 😀

  4. Thank you, Sheri. Hard to know what it’s like to have that press of thoughts, unless you have experienced it.

  5. I understand your sister’s concerns and from living with Tom all these years, I also understand the need to get the thoughts out of your head as fast as you can. You’ve devised a way to make that happen while doing something else. You are in a tough situation and with a disease difficult to manage. I’m not sure we have right or wrong answers. We simply do the best we can by moving forward by doing activities that have worked in the past.

  6. You’re welcome. Perhaps one day… ?

  7. Yes, I can and I have.

  8. Your sister is right. I was a bit alarmed. But I loved “hearing” you and “seeing” you. Can you do a video at home? xxellen

  9. Thank you, Mindy! Would love to see you in person either online or in real life some day.

  10. I know they always say, don’t text and drive which I definitely agree is bad. And they say don’t talk on the cell phone and drive. I agree with that to a certain extent. I’ll talk on the phone with my earbuds on so that both hands are free. So if both hands are free and are gripping the steering wheel, like with what you are doing, when you think about it, isn’t it just as distracting to talk to someone who is actually in the car as it is to talk on the phone or videotaping? I can imagine how difficult it must be to drive with babies and small children in the car.
    I say, do what you feel is comfortable and safe for you. Your sister cares and that is terrific. (Want to trade sisters? You’ll just love mine!) But you’re a smart girl. And I think it’s great to know you “in person”. Wish I had the courage to at least put a current picture out there but I am not.
    Cheers to you… ~Mindy

  11. I always think, though, too much so.

  12. Glad you don’t drive with the phone on your lap – the dashboard is way better. It must be hard for her to understand the way that I do with getting stuck on your thoughts….you don’t do videos all that often, though!! Xo

  13. Honestly, my visual line of sight is fine. I like my phone on my dash, for I often use it as a GPS. I can still see well. I used to drive with my phone on my lap – terrible for GPS!
    My sister was more concerned that it was a distraction – that my attention should be 100% on driving, which it is less so when I’m stuck in my thoughts.

  14. What about driving with a small portable tape recorder by your side, so your visual line of sight isn’t impaired?
    (Forgive me if this is a dumb idea! Lucy probably could cook up something more useful but all she cares about right now is her chewy bone.)
    Just want you to be safe, no matter what, but I can certainly understand where you’re coming from in more ways than one as far as thefat thoughts go.
    I wish my brother cared about me the way your sister cares about you.
    XOXO and I hope you’re feeling less exhausted this afternoon.
    Off to catch up with your other post…..

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