All three of us – my son, my husband and me – are sick with a virus of some sort – flu, perhaps. Exhaustion I already felt now worsened by deep fatigue achy muscles, nausea, and headache. My brain just is not working. Pulling up the wrong words. Not able to construct thoughts.
Still, took my mom to communication recovery group yesterday. Wipes me out to do so, honestly. Have to reconsider it. Another family member in the caregiver support group was familiar with resources and support groups closer to us.
I had tried calling to find out more information about that group earlier and was told that the group was not open and not communication recovery oriented. Apparently whoever I spoke to wasn’t aware of the communication recovery group in question. Difficult looking for resources and getting the door slammed in your face.
Honestly, I don’t know if I’m up to taking my mom to these groups. It helps her, but comes at a cost to me. She and my father insist on going back home, which is not an option. She wants to live with family, which would be devastating. My parents were challenging even before dementia and stroke due to alcoholism and mental illness. We love one another, but doing so can be – has been – painful.