Tree Limbs Clouds

Exhausted and Bare

As could be expected, I am exhausted. Have run out of juice. A couple (few?) weeks of hypomania and overstimulation, and now I’m dragging and headachey. Got what I wanted done today. Before I picked up my nephew at the airport late this afternoon, I uploaded a bunch of photos from my iCloud account to Flickr. Added titles to the photos. Need to start adding photos to my blog posts, but I take pictures of flowers, trees, and the sky, not of anything related to my posts. The link to my Flickr account is not working. Got to work on that. In the meantime, goodnight. I’ll spend the rest of tonight reading.

The plan this week is modest house painting (very modest expectations of my son and his cousin). I may take them to the pool, to the local beaches, and to the local trails. Friday we’ll head on over to my parents’ place to visit. They always look forward to visits from their grandsons. My sister and I had sons; I, one, and she, three. Not one daughter.

Until I write again, goodnight and goodbye for now!