Starting to recuperate from the last two weeks. Still exhausted. Sleepless nights, partly due to hypomania and stress, partly to dogs whining to go out in the wee hours of the morning. Too much 24/7 parenting. Home with my son almost two weeks, first when he had the stomach flu, second for spring break. Easter played a role, spending time with family can be double edged. Love them, and they me. But it can be exhausting, over-stimulating, and, well, stressful, worrisome. Seeing my father’s memory erode is painful. Seeing my mother’s lymphoma tumor grow, scary. She is a fighter. With the help of cutting-edge cancer treatment, most notably monoclonal antibody therapy Rituxan, she has managed to keep her lymphoma at bay for thirty years. But this tumor is stubborn and will not go away. It is slow growing, but still there. Please pray for her, as well as my father. Such is life in the sandwich generation, caring for a child while worrying about the health and wellbeing of aging parents.